Braze Integration

With Braze Integration, you can send data from Voucherify API to Braze. This allows you to trigger messages to be sent using Action Based Delivery. Additionally, you can synchronize Braze audience IDs to Customer metadata. This feature allows the creation of promotions targeted at specific customer groups segmented in Braze.

The integration with Braze consumes API limits for Connected Content and webhook limits for sending codes to Braze with custom attributes.


  1. How does it work?
  2. Events Sent to Braze
  3. Tracking Events
  4. Action Based Delivery
  5. Updating Voucherify Customer Segments
  6. Sending Events through Braze Webhook Messages

How does it work?

The Inbound integration enable you to send Voucherify events to Braze. 

First, connect your Voucherify account with Braze. 

  1. Copy the REST API Key from your Braze account (it should at least have a permission 'users.track')

    Braze REST API Key Settings

  2. Go to the Integrations directory in your Voucherify dashboard, find Braze and choose Connect.Connect Braze Integration
  3.  Paste the copied API Key from Braze and choose Connect:

Events Sent to Braze

The following list portrays the list of events sent to Braze.


Tracking Events

Historical Search

Track events taking place in Braze by heading to DataCustom Events in your Braze account or Analytics → Custom Events Report in the new view. Example of such an event would be action-based delivery.

Select the period of time and events that interest you from the available list (events that you send to Braze are automatically added to the search list).

Customer Specific Events

It is also possible to take a closer look at the actions performed by a specific user rather than general statistics by heading to UsersUser Search or Audience → Search Users in the new view.

Action Based Delivery

Trigger notifications to be sent based on custom events. In the second step of the campaign creation process, Schedule, you can select action-based delivery. This type of campaign lets you use your custom events. From the list select Perform Custom Event and add it as a trigger.

Then another list will pop up with events that you have sent to Braze. Below you can see a screen shot showing three different events.

You can, as an example, send new codes to all customers who failed to redeem their vouchers and try to make up for their disappointment.

Note, that campaigns may use Connected Content script to publish a unique coupon code and send it in the Braze message. More information about it in this article.

Update Voucherify Customer Segments

The Braze Outbound Integration allows for one-way customer data synchronization from Braze to Voucherify with Braze Canvas Webhooks.  You can create promotions targeted at specific customer groups segmented in Braze.

This integration is based on a call to a dedicated URL on Voucherify’s side and will bring the customer's audience_id existing in Braze into Voucherify.

Cluster Webhook URL
United States
Remaining Clusters https://{cluster} ; where {cluster} is your dedicated cluster
Structure Details
  • applicationId
  • secretKey
Note: The application keys can be found in the Voucherify Dashboard. Navigate to the Project Settings → Application Keys. 
Request Body The request body contains 3 required parameters and the rest are optional.

Request Body Parameters/Data Mapping

Parameter Definition/Options/Mapping
action (required)
  • "add" to add members to the audience
  • "delete" to remove members from the audience
This operation either adds/removes the customer metadata field called brazeAudiences from the customer’s profile in Voucherify.
audience_id (required) This audience ID will be stored in Voucherify's customer profile under Metadata in the form of:
brazeAudiences: [
user_id (required) Braze user_id
email_address The email maps directly to Voucherify's email field
first_name The first name and last name will concatenate in Voucherify into the customer’s name field
last_name The first name and last name will concatenate in Voucherify into the customer’s name field
country This maps directly to the customer's address in Voucherify (the country address parameter)
city This maps directly to the customer's address in Voucherify (the city address parameter)
phone_number This maps directly to the customer's address in Voucherify (the phone parameter)

How to tie it all together in Braze

  1. In Braze, create a new Canvas using the Canvas Flow editor
  2. When you create a message, select Webhook with a blank template 
  3. Enter the URL of the endpoint in Webhook URL, i.e. https://{cluster}
  4. Enter all the required parameters in the Request Headers
    1. applicationId: Application ID 
    2. secretKey: Application Token
    3. HTTP Method: POST
  5. Enter all the required parameters in the Request Body
    1. action: "add" to add members to the audience, or "delete" to remove members.
    2. user_id: Use personalisation in the editor to add a Braze user ID, for example, "{{${user_id}}}".
    3. audience_id: Type the ID of the audience to update, for example, 608.

Sending Events through Braze Webhook Messages

Build a Canvas with a webbook as a message channel to send events to Voucherify through Braze. 

For example:

  • Mark a referral as complete by forwarding a Braze event to Voucherify,
  • Give a voucher to a customer when they register on your website.

Entry Schedule, Audience, and Send Settings

Configure when your users enter the Canvas and the sendout of the event to Voucherify.

  1. Choose an entry schedule (when your users enter the Canvas) as Action-Based – a user performs an action to enter the canvas.
  2. Choose the custom event from the drop-down list.
  3. Provide a start time when the users will start entering the Canvas.
  4. In Target Audience, choose All Users.
  5. In Send Settings, choose All users including unsubscribed users.

Build Canvas

Configure your Canvas to send events from Braze to Voucherify.

  1. In the flow, click Message.
  2. In Messaging Channels, add a Webhook.
  3. In the Settings tab, add the Braze integration keys from Voucherify.
    1. In Voucherify, go to Home and Project Settings.
    2. Scroll down to Integration Keys.
    3. Copy your integration keys.
  4. In Braze, provide your X-App-Token and X-App-Id.
  5. Choose the POST method.
  6. In the Compose section, add the following URL in Webhook URL.

  7. In the Request Body, form the proper payload for the track event endpoint.
  8. {
        "event": "user_registered",
        "customer": {
            "source_id": "{{${user_id}}}"
  9. Test the configuration by sending an event to a Braze profile. Check if it is forwarded to Voucherify.
    Endpoint /users/track
       "events": [
               "external_id": "uniqueUserId",
               "app_id": "xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx", 
               "name": "user_registered", 
               "time": "2024-03-07T19:03:52Z"
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