Voucherify<>ActiveCampaign integration

In this short tutorial, you'll see how to connect Voucherify and ActiveCampaign accounts. This integration enables you to sync customers and exchange data between both accounts 🙌

Voucherify sends codes to your customers in ActiveCampaign by using standard distributions or as a part of the referral program (distribution channel for rewards). We'll cover that later, let's start from the integration setup.

In this section:

Integration 🔗

Firstly, open your Integrations directory and expand ActiveCampaign integration.

Now, copy your API key and URL address (the endpoint) from ActiveCampaign settings

Paste copied data into Voucherify.

Pasting ActiveCampaign api into voucherify

In the next step, click 'enable' to synchronize contacts to Voucherify by mapping one of the ActiveCampaign fields from customer profile to customer's source_id in Voucherify. 

Note 💡

Source_id is a unique identifier for a customer in Voucherify database. When you use validation rules that require customer verification, for example, "one redemption per customer", each time someone tries to redeem the code, Voucherify verifies if the source_id attached to this customer wasn't already used to redeem code in this campaign.

When the mapping is ready and API access data are in place, you can confirm integration with CONNECT. From now on, you can use ActiveCampaign as a channel in Voucherify distributions, and also, as a channel for automatic delivery of referral rewards.

Distribution with ActiveCampaign ✉️

In the 5th stage of a Distribution Manager, you can choose ActiveCampaign as a distribution channel. As a result, Voucherify will deliver codes to customer profiles in your ActiveCampaign account. Then, you can send these codes to your customers using ActiveCampaign templates. 

After you choose the channel, you can see the voucher attributes such as publication (sending) date, balance (value) of the code and finally the code itself. For now, the fields are going to be empty as you need to set them up in ActiveCampaign first. Go to Lists --> Manage Fields and add names for each mapping.

Then, you will be able to use them in Voucherify Distribution:

ActiveCampaign can be also a channel that delivers rewards to referrers. In the 5th stage of a referral program setup, you can choose ActiveCampaign and send rewards to customer profiles in ActiveCampaign. Same as before, a code will be presented in customer profile as a custom field.

Active Campaign in referral program

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