Webhook distributions

A webhook enables Voucherify to send real-time updates to your app or URL endpoints. Updates are triggered by some event or action by Voucherify and sent to your URL via HTTP requests.

Instead of polling data from the endpoints, you can configure webhooks to get notified about triggered events, distribution channels, loyalty programs, and referral programs.

New webhooks (v2024-01-01) have been introduced in v20231205. The payload of the v2024-01-01 webhooks is significantly different from v2018-01-01 webhooks.

The events listed in the webhook section in Project settings are described in v2024-01-01 webhook documentation. The webhook documentation also describes the events used in distribution webhooks.


  1. Distribution channel
  2. Loyalty program
  3. Referral program

Distribution channel

Distributions send messages in response to some predefined actions (events) taken by the end-customer. A webhook can be a message channel in your distributions. As a result, when distribution conditions are met, a message is sent using the webhook. Read more about distributions.

The table below shows which distributions support webhooks (marked green).

Related Activity Event Notify customers about promotion Send and publish unique codes from campaign Send plain message to customers
Segment Customer entered segment

Segment Customer left segment

Cart Order update

Cart Order has been paid

Cart Order creation

Cart Order cancelled

Voucher Gift credits added

Voucher Loyalty points added

Voucher Voucher redeemed

Voucher Voucher redemption rollback

Customer rewards Reward redemption

Customer Custom event

One or bulk messages Manual message

All campaigns with codes Successfully published

Configuring Webhooks in the Distribution Manager

In the Distribution Manager:

  1. Go to Channels choice & messages step.
  2. Go to the WEBHOOK tab.
  3. Check Use Webhook as distribution channel.
  4. Enter Event name.
  5. Enter the target URL.

Get Notified About Failed Sendouts

You can set up notifications to inform you via email or in the app that a webhook did not reach the destination.

Go to the Notification Center > Account Settings and scroll down to Webhook callout notifications to configure notifications

Loyalty programs

Webhook notifications for a loyalty campaign are configured in the Campaign Manager for a loyalty campaign. The webhook notifications are triggered by the following actions: 

  • Publication (assigning) a loyalty card to a customer
  • New points on the loyalty card
  • Reward redemption and updated points balance 

Read more about configuring loyalty program notifications.

Referral programs

Webhook notifications for a referral campaign are configured in the Campaign Manager for a referral campaign. The webhook notifications are triggered by the following actions: 

  • When a new referral code is published to a referrer.
  • When the referrer becomes eligible to receive a reward. 

The configuration is described in the Getting started with referral programs guide. You can configure a webhook notification for the referrer and the referee.

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