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This guide assumes that you are already familiarized with the Distributions Manager basics 😊

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Prerequisite 💡

To prevent false spam reports, it’s best to briefly remind your recipients how they got on your email list. Go to brand details settings to compose a short message before you start crating a distribution. We’ll automatically place this information in your Voucherify templates.

Manual message ✋

Let’s start to distribute emails straight from Voucherify with a manual message. In the case of manual mode, composed emails are sent to the already defined receiver/customers segment right after the distribution is confirmed.

To begin, you need to:

  1. Open the Distributions view.
  2. Run the Distributions Manager with the Plus.

Opening the distributions manager

Likewise, you need to go through six stages of the Distributions creator ⬇️


Manual Message - Distribution Manager

Select distribution purpose. If you choose a message with unique codes, you need to choose a respective campaign from the list of all your existing campaigns 📌

selecting Distribution purpuse

Define your receivers by choosing a segment or a single customer from your list 👩

Define your audience - Distribution Manager

Add a subject line.
In the 5th stage of the Distributions Manager, you need to configure the following steps:
1. Select email channel and define your signature. By default, all emails will be sent from

💡 If you want to send emails via Voucherify with your domain, go here to learn how to configure it.

Active channel (channels) is marked as green ✅

Selecting Distribution channel

To design your template you can:

  • Compose an HTML message with text, links and images.
  • Change background colour and design CTA.
  • Place unsubscribe link.
  • Place social buttons.
  • Use merge tags:
    • customer name
    • customer email
    • coupon code value
    • coupon code in text format
    • coupon code in QR format

3. Define reminders (optional) ⏰

They are sent to remind your customers about unredeemed codes. Likewise, you can use the text editor to customize remind message and additionally specify the time that reminders will be delivered.

Email Reminders

2. Customize your message by using a text editor. Change the default template to a configurable flyer and design your message.

Text editor and merge tags build a personalized template which is sent to your audience once you confirm the distribution with SEND.

Ready email sent from Voucherify

Other examples of Voucherify emails:

Email messages designs

Automatic distribution with emails 🤖

The purpose of automatic mode is to send an email to a customer as soon as he/she matches segment criteria. 

From the moment you confirm the creator, every time a new customer enters the segment, Voucherify sends him/her the message automatically.

With this 5-minute Video Tutorial, you'll see how to use the Distributions Manager to set the automatic codes delivery through an email campaign and more:

The difference in a creating automatic distribution comes down to the 1st step, where you can choose AUTO Message.

Automatic Distribution

From the 2nd to the 5th section, you need to add details similarly to the manual mode. The key part is in the 4th stage when you need to add segment rules which decide who gets the message. Every time a new customer matches segment criteria, he/she gets a message to their mailbox. To recap, all steps look as follows:

  • 2: Choose distribution purpose.
  • 3: Choose your audience: 
    • build a new customer segment 
    • choose one of the existing segments
    • choose a particular event that triggers message send out.
  • 4: Add a subject line. 
  • 5: Select EMAIL channel, write your message and add reminders.

In the last step, press SET LIVE and confirm. From now on, the distribution starts and emails are sent automatically 😍

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