Email distribution

This guide assumes that you are already familiarized with the Distributions Manager basics.

This guide shows how to set up and trigger email distributions using the Voucherify dashboard. You can choose between various email providers or use the Voucherify engine and start sending emails right away.


  1. Available email providers
  2. Automatic email distribution
  3. Manual email distribution
  4. Email editor

SPAM prevention

To prevent false spam reports, you need to inform your recipients of how they got on your email list. Go to Brand Details (Project Settings) to compose a short message before you start creating a distribution. We’ll automatically place this information in your Voucherify templates (footer).

Read also our Voucherify anti-spam policy.

Available email providers

You can use multiple providers to send email messages with Voucherify incentives. Here are the options that we offer out-of-the-box:

Visit the integrations tab to connect your Voucherify account with an email marketing provider.

Automatic email distribution

The purpose of the automatic email distribution is to automatically send email messages triggered by one of the following events:

  • The customer entered/left the selected segment. 
  • The order status changed (order created, updated, paid, or canceled).
  • The voucher was successfully redeemed or the redemption was rolled back. 
  • Gift card credits or loyalty points were added to the customer's profile. 
  • The referral/loyalty reward was redeemed. 
  • The code was successfully published (assigned) to a customer. 
  • The custom event was passed to Voucherify.

When the distribution is set live, all customers who activate the selected trigger are going to receive the message.

Automatic distribution setup

Select the Distributions tab (1) and choose the relevant distribution trigger (2). The application directs you to the Distribution Manager.

Automatic distribution

Scheduling the distribution in the Manager is a three-step process:

Step 1: Distribution conditions

Name your distribution and select the purpose:

  • Notifying customers about a promotion (you'll be asked to provide the promotion tier name).
  • Sending a unique code from a campaign (you'll be asked to select the campaign).
  • Sending a plain message (without unique promo codes). 

Distribution conditions

Next to the message purpose, you need to define an audience. Some distributions have the audience defined by its type (for example, Order cancelled distribution sends messages to every customer who cancelled the order). Otherwise, you need to choose a customer or customer segment that will be your recipients. 

Step 2: Consents

Next, choose marketing consents that you can create in the Project Settings. You can also disable the use of consents by checking the option Disable consents verification. 

Step 3: Channel choice & messages

In the third step, select the channel (email) and provide other details:

Setting up email distribution

  • Sender's information. 
  • Title of the message (subject line). 
  • Edit the email template. 

If you added external email provider to your Integrations, you can choose it from the list when configuring email details. 

When the email message is ready, go to the fourth step (summary) to analyze the workflow once more. If there are no other modifications needed, save and send the messages.

You can analyze the performance of your email campaign with built-in analytics. Learn more here

Manual email distribution

With Voucherify, you can also send a manual email message to a selected customer/customer segment. Manual distribution is a one-time action. Messages to the chosen audience are triggered 10 minutes after you confirm the distribution. 

You can use manual messages for three purposes:

  • Notifying customers about a promotion. 
  • Sending customers code from a selected campaign. 
  • Sending a plain message. 

You can send the message either to a selected customer (one) or a whole customer segment (e.g., new customers). 

The next steps of the manual distribution setup are the same as in the case of automatic distribution. 

After you confirm distribution, manual messages will be sent with a 10-minute delay, whereas automatic distribution will be triggered every time a customer performs the required action. 

Email editor

Voucherify is equipped with a flexible email messages editor with multiple customization options. 

You can choose between a simple template with limited customization options or a configurable flyer that offers a much wider scope for personalization. 

Here are some customization options available for all pricing plans:

  • A simple text editor (font effects, font size, links, text layout). 
  • Variables (e.g., customer name, coupon code, and more).
  • Images (image size, alt text, link, gif files, alignment).
  • Buttons (CTA size, color, alignment, corners, and link).
  • Dividers (width, color).
  • Social media buttons (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube). 
  • Background (header with your logo, colors, content space, borders, and alignment).
  • Footer (text, colors).

Here is an example of an email message you can create with Voucherify editor:

Voucherify email template

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