Distribution Tracking and Maintenance

In this article, we will cover distribution metrics and analytics tools that ensure real-time insights into distribution performance.

In this section:

  1. Distribution Tracking
    1. Analytics
    2. Activity
  2. Campaign Dashboard
  3. Maintenance

Distribution Tracking

By clicking on a distribution name, you can view its Details and the workflow summary. 

  • When you go to the Audience tab, you'll see all message receivers. 
  • In the Consents tab, you can see the marketing permissions set as required to send a message. 
  • The Analytics tab shows distribution metrics and messages statistics. 
  • The Activity tab stores distribution events to keep you up-to-date with the latest changes. 


Click on the distribution name to see its overview. Charts in the Analytics tab show you the number of already sent messages divided per channel and time range. If any message fails, you'll see it in the dedicated chart. 

Distribution analytics

Some messages can be automatically re-sent after the failure, their delivery will be visible in the Messages Recovered chart once it's successful. 

If you send unique codes, analytics will also show the number of codes published via the distribution and the number of already redeemed codes from the campaign used in the distribution. 


The activity tab lists distribution events in-real time. You can see the distribution status, and updates including who and when received the messages. Using filters you can sort distribution events performed within a particular timeframe.

Campaign Dashboard

The campaign dashboard shows detailed distribution performance. You can see basic information like distribution state, the number of channels, redemption rate (ratio codes redeemed at least once), and detailed metrics like the number of published codes, delivered messages, and redeemed codes.

Campaign dashboard

  • Redemption rate – the ratio of published codes to redeemed codes.
  • Code issued – codes published via the distribution.
  • Message delivered – successfully delivered messages to customers.
  • Codes redeemed – codes that were sent and already redeemed.


In the Distributions, you get an overview of all your distributions and their current performance.

Title Channel Status Sending date Actions
In the first column, you'll find:
  • Distribution name. 
  • Message trigger.
  • General distribution conditions.
This section shows
which channel was used to send codes.
The current distribution status:
  • Sent
  • Set live
  • Paused
Precise details of a distribution schedule
(sending date, delivery date, started sending date).
  • Pause – stop sending messages.
  • Overview – display distribution details.
  • Edit – edit the distribution settings.
  • Delete – remove distribution from the list.

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