Landing Pages Releases and Maintenance

Designing and saving your landing page is just a part of the longer process - now you need to publish it to allow interaction between the page and your customers.

Select Landing Pages tab - here you'll find a list of all your landing pages; keep in mind that you may edit and delete them from this view. You can also filter your landing pages by name, type, context and creation date.

If you'd like to publish your landing page, let's go to the Details section.

Landing Pages Details

In the Details view, you'll see several options:

  • Details - showcasing recent issues (allowing you to track any problems with the page) and recent changes made to the landing page.

Recent issues section may include errors connected to: lack of proper domain, disabled client-side redemption/publication/customer creation or metadata validation. 

Recent changes section show the time and details of changes made to the landing page. Clicking on a change will take you to events log for more detailed information. 

Details view

  • Preview- you can see your landing page and make sure that everything is in order without the need to go back to the editor 👓
  • Releases - that's the section you're looking for if your goal is to release or publish you landing page. 
  • The release option is the first step in publishing your landing page as it connects given Voucherify campaign to your landing page and attaches it to the chosen domain. Remember, releasing is not the same as publishing as it is only supposed to give you a preview of your landing page. In order to publish your campaign select the grey cloud icon. Now, your customers will be able to access your landing page.

    Publishing landing page

    After the publication, the available publication actions will change

    Landing page release option

    The remaining two options concern monitoring and analytics so that you can keep your hand on the pulse and be up-to-date with all events connected with your landing pages 👍

    Health monitoring section

    In the Monitoring section, you can see the details of the error, seek technical help and also mark the issue as resolved. 

  • Analytics - here you will be able to select which landing page performance should be tracked and what are the exact time frames you'd like to analyse with Google Analytics 📊
    However, you have to remember that for this to work properly you need to have an integration with Google Analytics, which can be done in your dashboard. Otherwise you will not be able to track performance of your landing page. Go here to learn more.

    Landing Page Analytics

    Check out our other guides on landing pages to fully tap into the potential of Voucherify Landing Pages Creator: 

  • See the types of landing pages you can create.

  • See what landing pages customisation options are at your disposal.


You can also view the activities for a particular landing page and get more insights by clicking on the event or log for the activity.

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