Google Analytics

Voucherify allows you to integrate with Google Analytics and track your landing pages. Keep your finger on the pulse and track landing pages performance to be able to react in real-time to any issues that may arise. 

The integration with Google Analytics does not use any limits.

Create a new project on Google Cloud Platform

If you don't have an account you will be asked to create one. The account is free for a given timeframe and you won't be charged unless you manually upgrade to a paid plan.

Creating an account on Google Cloud Platform

From your Dashboard, go to My Projects and select New Project.  Here, Google will automatically name your project (keep in mind that you may edit the name). Also, you will be asked to provide information about your company.

Remember that you can't change the Project Name later on. 

Enable Google Analytics APIs for your project 

Next, go to APIs overview from your dashboard.

Google - APIs Overview

Later, click Enable APIs which will take you to API Library.

Google Api library

Here we need to find two APIs - Google Analytics API and Google Analytics Reporting API.

Select the API and click  Enable.

Enable Google Analytics Reporting API

In order to use the APIs properly, you need credentials, such as a key or email address, to allow smooth communication between the Google API and your platform. 

Obtain credentials for your project

We need to create a service account that allows for server-to-server communication. Click on Create Credentials

After selecting the type, you'll be asked to name your service account and optionally select the role to limit access to the project for those team members who are authorized to do so.   

Creating service account key

Next, you need to generate the keys. Navigate to IAM and admin → Service Accounts. Choose the service account you created in the step above. Go to the Keys tab and click Add Key → Create new key. Go with the JSON key format and click Create. The key is going to be downloaded onto your device. Remember to keep it secured as it grants access to your project and operates like a password.

Downloading credentials

Set up Google Analytics

Next, go to Google Analytics. If you are using Analytics for the first time, you may be asked to create an account and fill out information about data sharing settings, property details, business details and sign a terms of service agreement. Learn more on this topic in the official Google documentation

Select Options at the bottom (gear icon) → Account Access Management → Plus → Add Users.

Adding users to Google Analytics

Here we need to provide the email address that can be found in the project keys that we've just downloaded. Open this file (you can do it via normal text editor) and find "client_email".

Client Email

Copy it and paste into Google Analytics and click Add:

Google analytics email

Remember to give this email address (user) a right to edit.

Integrate Voucherify and Google Analytics

Go to your Voucherify account → Integrations → Connect. To learn more about Integrations, check out these resources:

Here, you'll be asked to provide client email and private key - both of which you'll find in the file that you've downloaded.

Integrating Voucherify and Google Analytics

Let's go back to this file and look for the client's email and private key. The client email is the same one that we've posted in Google Analytics. The private key is quite long so don't be taken aback and copy everything between the quotations "..." including BEGIN PRIVATE KEY and END PRIVATE KEY.


Copying the key

*Note: The Private Key has been truncated in the example above for visual purposes to show the start and end of the key.

After setting this info up, select the Google Analytics Account created at the very beginning of this tutorial and click Update Configuration.

Attach Google Analytics to your landing page

Now, let's go to the Landing Pages creator and select the landing page that you would like to track with the help of Google Analytics. 

Designing landing page

Go to the Releases tab. Here click Analytics-settings

In order for Voucherify to populate the fields with data provided at the Integration step, type random text such as test-1 in each of the data entry fields and the Add button will be enabled. Then choose the id's that have been provided during the integration step and click Save.

Test your integration

Open your Landing Page in a new Incognito tab in Chrome. Ensure Ad blocking is disabled. Start interacting with the landing page and see data in Real-time in Google Analytics. 

View Google Analytics in Voucherify

Go to the Landing Page list, choose the landing page of interest and click on the Analytics tab.

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