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This integration guide covers Bloomreach Content, which is a Content Management System (CMS) of the Bloomreach platform. Thanks to the integration, you can connect Voucherify resources and Bloomreach documents for easier CMS management related to the promotion offers, like coupons, cart-level promotion, etc. The connection can be created and managed from the Bloomreach document by selecting available Voucherify resources. 

Once the connection is set up in Bloomreach, it is also visible in Voucherify. The information about the related Bloomreach document ID(s) is stored in Voucherify’s resource metadata.

A single Bloomreach document can be linked with multiple Voucherify resources and vice versa — a single Voucherify resource can be linked with multiple Bloomreach documents.

Currently supported resources are:

The integration with Bloomreach CMS uses API limits for downloading campaigns.


  1. Integration configuration
    1. Voucherify
    2. Bloomreach
  2. Use guide
    1. Adding a connection
    2. Removing a connection

Integration configuration


To connect Bloomreach with Voucherify, you need to generate new integration keys.

  1. Go to Project Settings and in the General tab, scroll down to Integration Keys.
  2. Click the plus button on the right.
  3. Fill in the Name for your key.
  4. Choose your role from the Role drop-down list.
  5. Choose Bloomreach from the Integration drop-down list.
  6. Click Create Integration API Key button.
Important: the integration secret key is visible only for 15 minutes when it is generated for the first time or regenerated. Write your key down and keep it in a safe place.

Integration keys section in Voucherify

You can also use the User role in the integration keys configuration (as it has Bloomreach permission selected by default). However, we recommend creating a new custom role only for integration purposes.

Once the Bloomreach integration key is generated, it can be found in the Integration Keys section:

Integration keys section showing Bloomreach


To connect Bloomreach and Voucherify, you need to define a new custom integration in Bloomreach. Select from the left menu Setup, then Integrations, and Add a new Custom integration.

Bloomreach setup showing Custom integration

In the Custom integration configuration:

  1. Fill in the Name field.
  2. Fill in the Application URL field to proper address, e.g.:<br>

    The address above is for the EU cluster. It can be different for shared or dedicated clusters. If you are not sure what your Voucherify cluster is, contact our Support Team.

  3. Set Configuration to stringified JSON with your Voucherify integration credentials (the ones generated in the step above) and desired resource types as follows:
    {"appId":"YOUR_APPLICATION_ID","appToken":"YOUR_SECRET_KEY", "resourceTypes":["campaigns","earningRules", "promotionTiers"]}<br>
  4. Set Height(px) to a proper value. We recommend 50-60 px per resource type, so if you want to use all three available resource types (campaigns, earning rules, promotion tiers), you can set it to 180 px.
  5. Set CSP property to frame-src and *.

Custom integration screen in Bloomreach

Once the Voucherfy integration is set up, you can define the content type.

Select from the left menu Content, then choose Content types from the dropdown in the left column and select a New document type in the brxsaas folder.

Content types window with adding a new document type in Bloomreach

Then, fill in the Name and choose the required layout and build the desired layout. To include Voucherify integration, choose the Field extension option from Primitive Field list and use the Voucherify custom integration created in the previous steps in the Integration field.

New document type window in Bloomreach

Custom section showing Voucherify integration in Bloomreach

A correctly configured content type with document inspection can look like on the screen below:

Correctly configured content type in Bloomreach showing Voucherify resources

To allow your new content type, you need to add it to the document allowed content.

In the Content section, choose Documents, then select the Edit allowed content from the folder options list. In the next window, select the content type created in the previous step.

Editing allowed content in Bloomreach to support Voucherify integration

Allowed new content in folder window with select a content type to add it as allowed content drop-down list in Bloomreach

Once it is done, you can now create a new document as shown:

Creating a new document window in Bloomreach

Use guide

A document in the document inspection may look like on the screen below:

Edit document window in Bloomreach with references to Voucherify resources

To get details about connected data, click the Connected <Resource type> button to see the connected data details, e.g., as follows:

Adding Voucherify resources to a Bloomreach document

This window shows up to 10 elements per page. In the bottom right corner, you can see the total number of elements and you can change the page. You can also search resources by name with the search button in the top right corner.

Once the Bloomreach document is connected with a Voucherify resource, it is also visible in Voucherify in the object Metadata tab:

Voucherify resource metadata with Bloomreach document ID

Adding a connection

To add a connection:

  1. Go to document Edit mode in Bloomreach and click Manage Connected <Resource type>.
  2. Adding a new connection to a Voucherify resource in a Bloomreach document

  3. In the new modal, click + Add <Resource type>.
  4. Voucherify campaigns connected to a Bloomreach document

  5. Find a resource that you want to connect and click Add.
  6. List of Voucherify campaign names that can be added as connections to a Bloomreach document

  7. Click the Yes button to confirm your action in the new window.
  8. Confirming the connection of a Voucherify resource with a Bloomreach document

Removing a connection

Deleting a connection is very similar to adding a new one.

  1. Go to document Edit mode in Bloomreach and click Manage Connected <Resource type>.
  2. Managing Voucherify campaigns connected to a Bloomreach document
  3. In the new modal, find the resource whose connection you want to remove and click Delete.
  4. List of Voucherify campaigns which are connected to a Bloomreach document and which can be deleted
  5. Click the Yes button to confirm your action in the new window.
  6. Confirming the removal of a connected Voucherify resource with a Bloomreach document

    If you delete a Bloomreach document that is connected to a Voucherify resource, that connection will not be deleted in Voucherify and vice versa — if a resource in Voucherify is deleted, the connection to the Bloomreach document will not be removed.

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