What's on Voucherify roadmap?


  • New campaign and distribution managers - intuitive and job-oriented creators and dashboards for marketers.
  • Salesforce integration 2.0 - sync redemption/loyalty/referral stats with Salesforce. 
  • Lucky draw - a NEW campaign type to let you hold online contests, now ready for beta usage.
  • Adwords integration - contact us to help us shape these features and enrol for early access program.
  • Improvements in loyalty programs - paying with points, API methods for displaying customer activity in loyalty program.
  • Combining promotions and defining hierarchy - e.g. customer get a free sample + free shipping and 15% if discount code applied.
  • Custom Errors - possibility to specify own messages in case of validation errors

Later (2020)

  • BigCommerce - loyalty, referral and cart level discounts
  • Shopify integration 2.0 - connect coupon email/SMS delivery and redemption tracking to your Shopify account.
  • Braze 2.0  - possibility to synchronise segments and more.
  • Business metrics - detailed stats on coupon performance per campaign, coupon type, projects etc. 
  • Freshworks integration
  • Segment.com integration
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