Collaboration with Affiliates

In this section:

  1. Collaboration with affiliates – workflow
  2. Use case – platforms for reselling coupons
    1. Create projects
    2. Invite affiliates
    3. Connect to reselling platform
    4. Integrate with many redemption points
    5. Tracking affiliates' results
  3. Coupon distribution
  4. Coupon tracking
  5. Affiliates access control

Let's see a combination of different projects and roles to manage collaboration with many affiliates who buy your coupons at wholesale and resell them through Voucherify and integrated apps.

The collaboration works as follows:

  1. A bulk of coupons generated in your Voucherify account is sold to your affiliates.
  2. Affiliates who bought coupons are granted access only to particular vouchers (they can browse or redeem them).
  3. The vouchers are resold through affiliates to the end customers.
  4. Affiliates can handle redemptions through the Voucherify app or custom touchpoints.

Use case – A Platform for Reselling Coupons

In this use case, we want to resell Voucherify coupons through platforms such as Shopify.

The workflow looks as follows:


In order to start, create vouchers for each affiliate in a separate project.

Adding New Project in Voucherify Dashboard

Invite new members – assign each of them to a project with a USER role (a USER will be able to redeem/validate coupons, and list redemptions invoked from the assigned project only).

New user role


The new team members will receive an email with the password to the Voucherify Dashboard. They can then connect Voucherify to their reselling platform through API keys and start selling vouchers.

End-customers can use vouchers in many redemption points (mobile apps, online stores, etc.). By using the MERCHANT role for API keys affiliates can integrate multiple redemption points where vouchers can be validated and redeemed (there is no access to GUI in the redemption points).

As a result, your customers can utilize coupons by many channels and redemption points while all details are collected in the Dashboard. 

Merchant api keys


As an account owner, you can monitor all projects and their details to define affiliates' effectiveness.

To ensure this workflow works effectively, Voucherify provides you and your trading partners with tools to manage and control the process at every step of a coupon lifecycle.

Coupon Distribution

Multi-channel distribution options available on the dashboard simplify coupons’ delivery:

  • By adding USER roles, you don’t have to export vouchers manually to deliver them to the affiliates. When they log into their Voucherify account, they have access to the particular project and coupons, ready for action.
  • Affiliates have access to the Distribution Manager which automates SMS and email send out. The manager allows them to deliver coupons to end-customers straight from the Dashboard. In case of points that don’t have access to the Dashboard, affiliates can use an export tool and deliver coupons to the merchants in the CSV file.

Coupon Tracking

Coupons performance should be currently tracked and measured to estimate collaboration efficiency on every level.

Redemption lits

On the Dashboard, the administrator sees all projects with their details to keep an eye on a collaboration efficiency.

Affiliates have access to their project on the Dashboard, which allows them to monitor the effectiveness of particular redemption points (merchants).

Affiliates Access Control

Once you start to collaborate with third parties, you have to ensure that their  access to your data is under control. By defining the MERCHANT roles and using separate API keys, you can be sure that third parties won’t be able to go beyond their access. 

Additionally, their access can be revoked at any time without any development involvement.

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