Landing Page Fraud Protection

In this article, we'll show you the features you can use to protect your landing pages and your incentives from fraud attempts and abuses.

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In order to find all the above mentioned features, go to Dashboard → Landing Pages → Create Landing Page.

Finding Landing Pages Creator

Double opt-in

This feature is enabled by default and is used to verify your customers by sending them a confirmation email. Verifying email addresses can help you combat fraud attempts and fake email addresses. 

Double opt-in is not available in every template (e.g. Redeem a Code). If you can't see it in your template settings, choose a different template instead (e.g. Collect Subscribers).

You will find the double opt-in feature in the Settings of your landing page. 

Double Opt-In Feature

If you enable this feature, you will be able to customise the page your visitors see after providing their email address informing them about the need to verify the email address. 

Double-Opt In Landing Page

After designing and releasing your landing page (either in Voucherify domain or custom one), visit the page and fill in the form to test the double opt-in feature. 

Landing Page - Fill in The form

If the test was successful, you should receive a verification email to the email address provided on the landing page. 

Confirmation email

Block email aliases

An email alias is a way to create an additional name for your email account. This allows you to create alternative email addresses without having to create another email box.

Some of your customers may attempt to provide multiple email aliases to receive a discount. That's why Voucherify can automatically block email addresses containing "+" so that customer cannot provide several email addresses such as or 

You will find this option in Landing Page Settings:

When you publish the landing page and some of your customers try to game the system by providing multiple email aliases, Voucherify will automatically block them from receiving your incentives and display the Error page which you can customise in Pages tab. 

User providing email alias

The user using email alias to sing up

Error notification

An example of an error notification 

Request unique email addresses

This feature allows you to block users from taking advantage of your incentives by using the same email address over and over again. Voucherify is going to automatically remember and store all the email addresses used in the given Voucherify project and prevent users from creating duplicates. 

You can find this option in Landing Page Settings:

Only unique emails

If the user tries to sign up using an email address that has already been registered, he/she will receive an error notification that can be customised in Pages tab. 

Error notification

Request lowercasing email addresses

Some customers may try to sign up several times using mixed case characters, such as: and You can block such users from abusing the system by automatically lowercasing email addresses before checking the uniqueness of an address.

You can find this option in Landing Page Settings:

Lowercasing email

To use this feature properly, you need to enable "Only unique emails" option; otherwise the system won't automatically check for email uniqueness and won't block email duplicates.

If the system catches an email duplicate, it will send out an error massage which you can customise in Pages tab.

Error notification - mail duplicate

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