Seven simple steps to get started

Free trial

Each Voucherify subscription plan starts with a free 30 days trial which offers the full functionality of the platform. The only limits you have are related to a chosen pricing plan. Starting the trial is not binding; after it expires, you won't be automatically charged.

The 7 steps to succeed with Voucherify:


Sign up for the free trial


Add your customers


Provide inventory with your products


Run your first coupon campaign


Integrate with your favourite apps


Share coupon codes with customers


Track your performance

Note that before you get to the step 6 and start distributing coupons, your developers should connect Voucherify to the checkout page so that you can handle redemptions.

Step 1: Sign up

Firstly, choose which subscription plan you want to test during the trial. If you choose to continue your subscription, you can change pricing plan you want to sign up for.


Sign up for a free trial. After email confirmation, you can obtain your API keys in the dashboard. Then, go to the developer center to learn how to start your integration.


Sign up for a free trial. After email confirmation, log in to the dashboard and follow the onboarding guide

Onboarding guide

It allows you to look around and shows you how to create the exemplary coupon campaign, keeping in mind all steps presented in this article. 

Step 2: Add your customers

Voucherify enables you to add your customers in the following ways:

  • through API,
  • through the dashboard and CSV upload,
  • manually through the dashboard (Click on the"Plus" in the Customers section).

The second method requires putting customers' information into separate columns of CSV file:

When you have your CSV file ready, you can use the import tool in the Customers section. It will seamlessly lead you through the process.

    Divide your users into target groups

    When your customers are already in Voucherify, you can divide them into segments. Segments are built using filters in Customers section. You can use behavioural and geographical attributes to group your audience and then, run well-targeted coupon campaigns.

    To create a segment, stay in the Customers section and follow the steps shown in the video below. By way of example, we'll create a segment of customers who have used our coupons only one time so far:

    Read about customer segments and divide your audience

Step 3: Supply inventory with your products

Inventory with your products allows you for product-oriented promotions and coupon deals. Similarly to the customers' import, products can be added via the dashboard or Voucherify API.

To add a new product through the dashboard, go to the Products and choose the "Plus". Then, the manager will show you next steps:

Go here to read more about products manager (the dashboard)

Go here to create products via API

Step 4: Run your first coupon campaign

In this part, we're going to a crucial point - creating coupon codes. Voucherify dashboard provides the campaign manager for generating:

  • fixed-code campaigns 
  • campaigns of unique codes 
  • cart-level promotions 
  • gift cards 
  • referral programs
  • loyalty campaigns

Note: Campaign groups unique Vouchers with the same features. This means there aren’t two equal Voucher codes within a single Campaign.

Straight from the Main view, you can go to the manager by choosing the Plus and choose the type of campaign you'd like to launch.

Creating a campaign is always a five-step process:

You can find detailed instructions of each campaign setup in our docs:

  1. Bulk of unique codes
  2. Fixed code campaign
  3. Cart-level promotions
  4. Referral program
  5. Gift cards campaign 
  6. Loyalty campaign

If you are looking for something to start with, you can also follow our ideas for coupon campaigns. When you already generate your first campaign, you can view its details in the Campaigns section.

You can manage all campaign types through Voucherify API, go here to learn more about creating coupon codes programmatically.

Step 5: Integrate with your favourite apps

Voucherify provides seamless coupon workflow thanks to the plenty of available integrations:

  • Sync your CRM and support tracking with Voucherify data: Salesforce
  • Custom apps: with the Voucherify API, you can build coupons at every stage of your sales funnel. Show your developers the API docs or contact our team to request a custom integration.
    • Note that it requires some technical effort

Step 6: Share codes with your customers

Before you manage this step, your developers should connect Voucherify to the checkout page so that you can handle redemptions.

When the codes are ready, and your toolkit is in place, it's time to push your coupons forward. Go to the Distributions and click Start.

The app directs you to the Distribution Manager which allows you to deliver coupon codes to your customers with a couple of clicks, straight from the dashboard. You can customize the coupon distribution on two levels:

  • channel - you can choose one of the integrations listed in step 5 or leverage our API to connect a custom channel (requires technical effort).
  • trigger - you can distribute coupons manually or define when Voucherify should automatically trigger a send-out.

Step 7: Track your performance

Once your codes got to the customers, they can redeem them in connected Redemption Points (stores which are integrated with Voucherify). Here are some useful links at this stage:

The most important event performed by your customers is a 'redemption'. The redemption means a user utilized their code and sent a request to the Voucherify API. Each time someone tries to redeem your code Voucherify validates it to cut down misuses and fraud. 

You can get an overview of all redemptions (succeeded and failed) in the Redemption section. 

The main view displays current stats and the latest redemptions.

If you'd like to learn more about redemptions and tracking with Voucherify follow our docs: