What kind of campaigns can I run?

The Campaign Manager allows for creating a large number of promotional scenarios. This very first diagram shows an overview of campaigns you can model with Voucherify. Run through the list below to grasp what's possible with our platform. At the same time, bear in mind that you can mix various scenarios to get the best tailored promo workflow for your business 🤩

Discount coupons and gift cards  Referral programs
Cart-level promotions  Loyalty programs
  • by campaign
  • by discount
    • amount
    • percentage
    • custom unit
      • e.g. free shipping
    • gift cards
      • redeemable once
      • redeemable multiple times
  • by validation rules
    • customer profile (customer is/isn’t in a segment(s))
    • order structure (products in the cart, minimal order value)
    • purchase history.
  • by incentive
    • referrer gets a reward
    • both, a referrer and a friend get a reward
    • various discounts (see Coupon -> by discount)
  • by reward scheme
    • every new friend brings a reward
    • at least X new friends bring a reward
    • max number of referrals
  • by level
    • only referrers from segment A can join the program
    • number of referred friends in the range 0 to 10 brings X discount whereas 10 to 50 brings Y discount.
Apply discounts automatically - based on whether the customer's shopping cart has met certain criteria.

The criteria can include several parameters such as
  • if an order contains specific products, 
  • the total price exceeds a given value, 
  • if the customer belongs to a particular segment.

Use points to motivate action at every stage of your customer journey

  • Rules for earning points
  • Rewards integrated with predefined discount & gift card campaigns
  • Customer profiles with balance & history.

Before you actually run the Campaign Manager, let’s understand the basic parameters available in every promotion type:

  • Timeframe - enables you to set start and/or expiry date of promo codes. If set, the code(s) can be redeemed only in a given timeframe ⏰
  • Code pattern - Voucherify gives you the ability to precisely define the code pattern. It helps your team track and manage codes when the campaign is live. You can customize: 
    • prefix, 
    • suffix, 
    • charset, 
    • random part - # - is replaced by random char (eg. +00-###-##-## -> +00-rGT-39-gb). 
  • Redemption limit - redemption limit controls the lifecycle of a coupon. By choosing one of 3 options, you can change the way customers interact with the campaign:
    • single redemption
    • X redemptions
    • unlimited redemptions.
  • Status - each code can be enabled and disabled at any time from the dashboard.

Now you're ready to give it a go. Let's log in and create your first campaign or go straight to a particular campaign tutorial from the section below ⬇️

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