How does reporting work in Voucherify?

In this section:

  1. Campaign ROI metrics
  2. Customer tracking
  3. Gift cards spendings
  4. Webhook notifications
  5. Slack notifications
  6. Email notifications
  7. Referral program reports

Voucherify gives you a wide variety of channels and tools that keep you informed about campaign performance in real-time. Let's go through the most important reporting features.

Campaigns Metrics

Be sure to control ROI and work with the most effective distribution channels by making use of Voucherify Campaigns and Categories. Each coupon can be assigned to a different channel that enables you to have control over conversion rates and react instantly with appropriate refinements. While different channels yield various profits, estimating individual conversions is essential in finding the target audience and balance between the campaign’s costs and its efficiency.

Standalone fixed codes

The vital part of measuring the ROI is estimating which distribution channels convert best. This is why the Campaign Manager enables you to assign a category to a standalone code during its creation. Once your fixed codes are set live, you can currently estimate individual conversion rates to provide collaboration with well-positioned channels that reach your target audience. 

Voucher code category


Next to the standalone codes and categories, Voucherify supports coupons management with a Campaign entity. The idea of the campaign is to group unique vouchers and monitor conversion rates across a particular group.

Campaign metrics

To evaluate the efficiency of your coupon strategy, the campaign’s tab provides a bird’s eye view of the current campaign's performance with detailed data and numbers.

Campaign Overview

Customer Tracking

Apart from building segments, Voucherify allows you to track the order and redemption history of a particular customer.


Customer's profile

Click on a customer’s ID in the redemptions tab and the creator will lead you to the customer’s profile.

Customer activity

If you choose the Vouchers view, you’ll find a tab with already published coupons sorted by type.


Gift Card Spendings

Monitor your gift card spendings on a campaign's and global level.

Gift card spendings

Campaigns balance is visible from the Campaign view. It informs you about the already redeemed amount and the amount to spend until the campaign ends.

If you want to monitor the total amount of all gift cards, go to the Main Project view. 

Redeemed vouchers


Instead of polling data from the endpoints, you can use webhooks to get notified about multiple events, such as successful redemptions, new orders, or failed redemption attempts. 

Redemptions webhook

You can configure the webhook in the Project Settings view, in the Webhooks section.

Voucherify makes it possible to define multiple redemption webhooks. To add one, you should press the Plus and start off by providing a target URL.

Calling the redemption webhook

Then, you can configure when the URL should be called. 
There are two options:
  • Call a webhook for every redemption.
  • Call a webhook given that one or many of the following redemption statutes occurred: `redemption succeeded`, `redemption failed`, `redemption rollback succeeded`, `redemption rollback failed`.
When all the webhook features are set, confirm it with CREATE ENDPOINT. 
From now on when Voucherify calls your endpoint providing redemption information is in the payload.

Referral webhook reward

The webhooks are also an integral part of referral programs. The endpoints are defined while defining a referral program and they are invoked when the referrer becomes eligible to receive a reward. The configuration is described in this tutorial.

Responding to a webhook

Voucherify expects your webhook to return a response with a `2XX` HTTP status code, indicating that the webhook has been received successfully. If a webhook is not successfully received for some reason, Voucherify will continue trying to send the webhook once an hour for up to 3 days.

Slack Notifications

Webhooks mechanism can be used to tap into thousands of integrations offered by Zapier. This tutorial shows how to create your first coupon Zap in 5 minutes. As an example, we're going to send a Slack notification about a failed coupon redemption.

Go to your Zapier account and create a new Zap. The first step is to define a trigger. You should search for the Webhook trigger (Catch Hook option):

Zapier webhook

Continue to get your webhook URL. Then, confirm the form so that the trigger is activated. Now Zapier will be waiting for a request from Voucherify.

In Voucherify, go to the project settings view and paste your link to *Target URL*. You can send a test callout.

If everything went smooth you should see this view:

Successful test webhook

Email Notifications

Integrating email notifications is useful when you want to analyze redemptions in real-time. You can select which notifications should be sent. 

For example, you can filter out all the successful redemptions and be notified only about the failed ones. Let's see how you can set it up with Zapier.

1. Make a new zap.

Creating a new zap for notifications

Testing new webhooks for better reporting

2. Paste the Zap's URL to your Project Settings and test the connection. If it's successful, select the events you want to be notified about and click CREATE ENDPOINT.

3. Select the Email by Zapier Action or Gmail Action and proceed to refine the email template.

Zapier Email

From now on your inbox gets notified about redemption details when it happens.

A Friendly Reminder 💡

As demonstrated above, you can use the webhook trigger to work with any other Zapier Action. Read more about actions on Zapier's documentation site. Contact if you need assistance or have any questions.

Referral Program Reports

Voucherify provides you with a complete overview of your referral program performance. Read on to see what metrics and data are presented in your Dashboard.

Total referred – the number of all referred customers.

Total refered

The referral program in numbers – summary with basic metrics.

Referral program in numbers

Referees reward summary – this section shows all incentives used by invited customers divided into types in case of multi-level reward schema.

Refrees Rewards

Referrers  rewards summary – this section shows all incentives used by referrers divided into types in case of multi-level reward schema.

Referees rewards summary

Recent updates with all logs and changes made in the program.

Recent updated

Top 5 referrers section that shows your best brand advocates.

Top referrers

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