Referral Program Tracking and Maintenance

Voucherify provides you with a complete overview of your referral program performance. Click on the campaign name to open the program dashboard. You can see the workflow of your program, analyze how it's doing, and optionally introduce changes (e.g., deactivate codes, edit rewards, or add more codes to the campaign). 


  1. Maintenance
  2. Campaign Tracking
  3. Customer Activity

General Maintenance

You can perform several quick actions using the upper right action icons. 

Quick actions

  • Pause or activate the campaign.
  • Invite a new referrer using the dashboard. 
  • Add new vouchers to the campaign.
  • Edit the referral campaign (e.g., update the timeframe).
  • Delete the program
  • Import new codes from a CSV file. 
  • Export codes to CSV file or to MailChimp list. 


The dashboard offers a quick glimpse into the key metrics of your referral program. Here, you can see:

  • The number of available referral codes. 
  • How many customers have joined the program.
  • How many customers have received referral codes. 
  • The total number of referees.
  • Codes validity.
  • Top 5 referrers.
  • Recent updates. 
  • How many referral rewards have been assigned to referrers. 


In this section, you can see the type and workflow of your referral program. You can't change these settings for a campaign that is already running. However, you can edit the tiers defining referral rewards for referrers.

Rewards section

Referral codes

In this section, you can see the overview of all generated codes. You can see the code pattern, activity status, redemptions count, QR code, and optionally delete or publish (assign) the code to the customer. You can click on a selected code to see even more details of the specific code. 

Referral Codes

Validation rules

Here, you can see the validation rules attached to the successful referral event. For instance, all orders made with the referral code need to exceed $80. Note that you can remove, edit, or override validation rules at any time. 

Validation Rules

Redemption history

In this section, you can see the overview of all redemptions made with the use of referral codes. You can track the redemption status, ID, referral code used for redemption, a customer that redeemed the code, and the redemption date.

Redemption section

By clicking the export tool, you can download a CSV with redemption data. 

Moreover, you can click on a single redemption to see more details. For instance, you can analyze redemption logs to see why a given redemption failed. 


Here you can track all your referrers (participants of your referral program, owners of referral codes). You can see the referrer's name, assigned code, publication date, status and channel used to share the code with the referrer. 


By clicking the export tool, you can download a CSV with referrers data. 


Referees are customers invited to your program by the referrers. In this section, you can see:

  • The total count of orders made by referees. 
  • The total amount of orders made by referees.
  • Referee's name and ID.
  • Order count and order total amount per referee, irrespective of whether the order was made using the referral code. This value is taken from the summary of the customer's total orders.



Here, you can track the distribution of referral notifications attached to the program. You can see the details of the distribution (e.g., trigger), status, and sending date. 

You can also see the performance of a landing page (if you set one up). 


Here, you can see metadata (custom attributes) attached to the campaign. If you are new to the concept of metadata, please follow this guide.

Reward redemptions

In this section, you can monitor all referral rewards assigned to referrers and filter them by status (pending, completed, rolled back). You can see the referrer details, reward type, event ID, and optionally roll back the reward redemption.

Reward redemption


The activity tab allows you to filter and view events for the campaign. The events are listed in chronological order, with the most recent at the top of the list. You can filter the events by category and time of occurrence.

Customer Activity

The dashboard enables you to track your customers' activity in particular referral campaigns. Click on the customer's name to visit his/her profile and go to the customer's  Activity tab. By using filters you can choose a particular referral program or list activities coming from all your referral campaigns. 

Moreover, you can filter out actions performed within the given timeframe. This all depends on the choices you select in the filters section. Click Filter to apply the filters to the results.

You can also use our API to filter all customer activities by date or a specific event. Visit our Developer Hub to learn more.

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