Slack notifications

Webhooks mechanism can be used to tap into thousands of integrations offered by Zapier. This tutorial shows how to create your first coupon Zap in 5 minutes. As an example, we're going to send a Slack notification about a failed coupon redemption.

Go to your Zapier account and create a new Zap. The first step is to define a trigger. You should search for the Webhook trigger (Catch Hook option):

Continue to get your webhook URL. Then, confirm the form so that the trigger is activated. Now Zapier will be waiting for a request from Voucherify.

In Voucherify, go to the project settings view and paste your link to *Target URL*. You can send a test callout.

If everything went smooth you should see this view:

Now you should complete the webhook creation process by:
  • selecting only `redemption.failed` (successful redemptions won't trigger any action)
  • clicking CREATE ENDPOINT

Once done, you can select any action available in Zapier to be activated with this callout. The picture below shows the example of a Slack integration.

When active, it will send a message to a given Slack channel informing the team about any failed redemption:

That's it! You can now create more Zaps and inject coupon into other business tools you work with.

Custom Zaps

As demonstrated above, you can use the webhook trigger to work with any other Zapier Action. Read more about actions on Zapier's  documentation site. Contact if you need assistance or have any questions.