What is an API and why Voucherify follows headless approach?

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Navigating through sparse data sources is a tedious and costly job. With the advance of the data-driven approach in sales and marketing, the need for easy and cost-efficient data crunching became the burning question for many businesses. An API was born as an answer to this problem. 

What is an API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface and to put it simply, it is a messenger that takes request and tells the system what you want to do and then returns the response back to you. It is the unsung hero of all connectivity of the digital age that makes the communication between different databases possible. 

To give you a more familiar example, imagine an API as a waiter in a restaurant, API documentation as a menu, and database as a kitchen. You, as a user, analyze the documentation or a menu and order something from the database or the kitchen. You can't just go to the kitchen yourself – you need a middleman, a waiter, an API that knows how to get what you need without disrupting the work of a database or a kitchen.

Voucherify is an API-first platform which means that the Voucherify database and your store/app/website database can easily exchange bits of data allowing for smooth and real-time synchronization. We also made sure to make our documentation as clear as possible to give your engineering team an edge.

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What is headless commerce?

Headless commerce is when we separate the frontend (customer touchpoints) from the backend operational systems that are actually used to run a business. 

Headless commerce architecture allows you to connect the customer touchpoints to core systems in a way that is appropriate for the ever-evolving business. As new things, ideas, and projects come up, and you need to orchestrate some processes again across those core operational systems you can do that without breaking a sweat.

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