What is an API and why Voucherify follows headless approach?

Navigating through sparse data sources is a tedious and costly job. With the advance of the data-driven approach in sales and marketing, the need for easy and cost-efficient data crunching became the burning question for many businesses. An API was born as an answer to this problem. 

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What is an API? 🤔

API stands for Application Programming Interface and to put it simply, it is a messenger that takes request and tells the system what you want to do and then returns the response back to you. It is the unsung hero of all connectivity of the digital age that makes the communication between different databases possible 🙌

To give you a more familiar example, imagine an API as a waiter in a restaurant, API documentation as a menu and database as a kitchen. You, as a user, analyze the documentation or a menu and order something from the database or the kitchen. You can't just go to the kitchen yourself - you need a middleman, a waiter, an API that knows how to get what you need without disrupting the work of a database or a kitchen 🍳

API as a waiter

Voucherify is an API-first platform which means that the Voucherify database and your store/app/website database can easily exchange bits of data allowing for smooth and real-time synchronization. We also made sure to make our documentation as clear as possible to give your engineering team an edge 🚀

API documentation

What is headless commerce? 🛍️

Headless commerce is when we separate the frontend (customer touchpoints) from the backend operational systems that are actually used to run a business. 

Headless commerce architecture allows you to connect the customer touchpoints to core systems in a way that is appropriate for the ever-evolving business. As new things, ideas and projects come up, and you need to orchestrate some processes again across those core operational systems you can do that without breaking a sweat 😊

Take a look at some examples of benefits that headless commerce may bring to a business:

Benefits of headless commerce [infographic]

A multinational loyalty program and how API-based approach handles it

Let’s take a look at some common challenges for a top multinational consumer goods company and how Voucherify helps them bridge the technology gap as compared to cookie-cutter SaaS loyalty management solutions.

Loyalty program automation

As an API-first solution, anything that can be done in the administration panel can be automated for the purpose of multiple market scenarios. In the same vein, the data synchronization endpoints from Voucherify API make loyalty programs easier to manage and maintain globally. Batch exports, on the other hand, are found useful for integration with business intelligence solutions.

Keeping e-commerce and marketing automation systems in the loop

Data integrity is essential for digital teams to navigate loyalty strategies across multiple brands and customer touchpoints. Voucherify API not only supports programmable campaign creation and maintenance but also automated notifications throughout the whole campaign lifecycle. This is achieved with CRM and product catalog synchronization endpoints, and webhooks triggered by 50+ events.

Custom tiering conditions

Regular loyalty solutions offer only a few dimensions to build an incentive scheme. Our client’s multibrand loyalty program requires more. This is where Voucherify meta field capability comes in. It allows you to create tiers on any customer attribute, reaching outside default dimensions such as purchase history.

Integration with 3rd party receipt scanning platform

The client’s loyalty program enables customers to earn points for offline purchases which will be tracked with OurCart, receipt data extraction, and identification platform. With Voucherify earning rule API endpoint, the digital team can easily make OurCart events accepted by the Voucherify loyalty engine — recognizing local regulations and loyalty strategies.

Multi-region cloud deployment

Voucherify offers a custom location for deployment. This translates into a better application response for your customer-facing applications and overall performance of your e-commerce ecosystem. But there’s more, separate deployments enable security- and performance-oriented customization including API throttling or stronger isolation from Voucherify partners.

GDPR and data privacy

Voucherify offers a dedicated endpoint for permanent consumer data removal and modification. With this in place, GDPR-related requests can be handled with the same day response time, adding up to your overall customer experience.

Multiple systems integration

In the enterprise context, the speed of integration depends on how quickly software engineers can understand the platform, its features, and its limitations. Being a developer-friendly solution, Voucherify comes with multiple programming libraries, SDKs, and detailed documentation to make their day-to-day integration tasks easier. 

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