How can I export my customer data?

You can export customers’ data from Voucherify by using the export tool in your Dashboard. You can also programmatically request a list of your Voucherify customers. 

If you’d like to learn more, please follow our API docs.

Export customer data from the Voucherify Dashboard

To export a CSV file, log into your account, and follow these steps:

Go to the Customers section and select an export tool (CSV Export).
CSV Export
Select which fields (customer data) you’d like to export.
Export customers

💡A Friendly Reminder

Our team is currently working on functionality that will allow you to save a pre-set mapping for all your exports within a project. 

Visit our Product Roadmap to learn more.

Confirm with Export. Voucherify will notify you when the export is completed.
Export successful

Click on the notification and a file will start downloading automatically.

💡A Friendly Reminder

You can also download your vouchers with their details. 

Please follow this guide to learn more.

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