How to create a LuckyDraw program

To start your first draw, open a LuckyDraw manager with the Plus

Program details

In the first section, provide program details such as:

  • program name
  • amount of codes (auto-updated by default)
  • code pattern (advanced codes settings)
  • winning rules:
    • unique winners checkbox - if marked, customer can win only in a single draw. After winning, the customer won't take part in the next draws.
    • unique winners per draw checkbox - if marked, a customer can win a reward only once per draw.

When all the details are ready, proceed to the 2nd section with NEXT STEP.

In the 2nd step, define optional time limits - add a campaign timeframe, days of the week or recurring periods when referral codes are active (you can read about all time limits for vouchers here). When ready, go to the NEXT STEP.  

Rewards catalog

In the 3rd section, you need to add a rewards catalog. If this is your first LuckyDraw program, the list of rewards will be empty. Click on CREATE NEW REWARD to add the first one and decide which type of reward you want to offer:

  • campaign of promo codes/gift cards - for example $20 gift card or 50% discount code

Campaign of rewards

To reward winners with promo codes/gift cards, you can use one of your existing campaigns or create a new one from scratch in the editor.

  • material reward - it can any of the products that you have added to your Voucherify account (Products section in the dashboard or via API)

Each reward (campaign or product) needs to be confirmed twice with ADD REWARD (to add it to the list of rewards)

When the rewards list is complete, you can click on the NEXT STEP and proceed to the 4th section.

Existing rewards

If you have already created rewards for loyalty program using Voucherify dashboard or rewards API, you will find them listed in the LuckyDraw creator. You can leverage all the existing rewards in your LuckyDraw programs.

Create a landing page - customers touchpoint

In the 4th stage, you need to choose a landing page that enables users to join the draw. It can be one of your existing templates from the list or a new one, created straight from Voucherify dashboard. 

Create a landing page template

Add metadata attributes (optional)

In the 5th stage, you can add new custom attributes to LuckyDraw program or fill the fields added in metadata schema.


In the last step of the creator, you can see a program summary with all the details added in previous sections. If needed, you can go back and edit each stage of program settings. When ready, confirm with SAVE.