Invite Users and Draw Winners

Invite users to register 👋

You can invite users to join a Giveaways campaign by sharing a link to its landing page. By filling the form, customers automatically get a unique code and join the list of draw participants. Each time when a new customer register, the code is displayed on the landing page and additionally, send via email to the newly registered user.

Users registering via a landing page

Draw winners

The way winners are selected, depends on the draw settings. While creating a new Giveaway campaign and setting up tier conditions, you need to choose between a Manual draw and Instant win

  1. Draw – the winner is selected in a draw manually scheduled in your dashboard. 
  2. The instant win – enables you to define automatic winners selection and notify users about the win right after the registration.

1. Draw winners manually

The dashboard with program details shows you a current list of draw participants and number of generated unique codes. When the time comes, RELOAD the list of participants, and then you can draw winners with a single click.

Drawing winners

When you click on DRAW WINNERS, the app automatically schedules a new draw. You can be up-to-date with its status by visiting DRAWS section. It shows all the draws made within a chosen LuckyDraw campaign and also displays winners of each draw.

Draw winners

2. Instant win

If you chose to select winners with the Instant win, Voucherify will automatically draw winners based on Instant win settings added while creating a Giveaways campaign.

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