How can your customers earn points in a loyalty program

Earning rules specify what actions give customers a particular number of points. It can be:

  • a customer order history,
  • a customer entered segment,
  • custom event performed on your website/app. 

In Voucherify, earning rules are created by using customer segments and custom events. Both need to be created before you open up a campaign creator and start setting up a loyalty program. 

Watch our short video tutorials to familiarize yourself with earning rules setup 📹

Earning rules with customer segments 🧔🧓

Earning rules with custom events 🙌

Start a loyalty campaign 🚀

When you already create customer segments and custom events that you want to reward with points, you can start a new loyalty campaign and add earning rules.

Follow this tutorial to see how to set up a loyalty program step-by-step. 💡

Watch this video to learn why customer loyalty is important and in what ways Voucherify supports building steady customer loyalty 💙

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