How can your customers earn points in a loyalty program? (Earning Rules)

In this section:

  1. Earning points with orders
  2. Earning points with custom events
  3. Earning points with customer segments

Earning rules specify what actions give customers a fixed or proportional number of points. It can be:

  • a customer order history,
  • a customer entered segment,
  • custom event performed on your website/app.
  • In Voucherify, earning rules are created by using customer segments and custom events. Both need to be created before you open up a campaign creator and start setting up a loyalty program.

    Earning Rules

    Earning points with orders

    The first type of earning rules can be created on the basis of customer orders. For instance, you may define that for each customer order, the customer is going to receive 20 loyalty points. 

    For this type of earning rule, you can assign a fixed or proportional number of loyalty points – e.g., each 1$ spent will be converted into 1 loyalty point. 

    Earning rules – proportional points

    A Friendly Reminder 💡

    Validation rules are essential elements of building campaigns with Voucherify. With the use of validation rules, you can model any desired redemption circumstances. For instance, only customers from Brighton with two products in the cart worth at least 100£ can redeem the discount.

    In addition, you can attach validation rules to the earning rules. For instance, you can define that customers can earn loyalty points only by making orders worth at least 50$.

    Earning validation rules

    Earning points with custom events

    You can also let customers perform specific activities to earn loyalty points in your program.

    A Friendly Reminder 💡

    Custom Events are actions taken by your customers. Logging a custom event can trigger coupon distribution and enable customer segmentation filters around the event’s recency and frequency. Custom Events are directly linked to your customers. Note that your system controls custom events. After they take place, your system sends the trigger to Voucherify, but Voucherify does not check whether the event took place. Go to Developer Docs.

    Before defining event-based earning rules in your loyalty program, you need to visit Project Settings – Event Schema to create such events. The next step is to set up the tracking of specific events in your system. Custom events can define any activity of your customers, e.g. leaving a review, tagging your brand on social media, attending an event, and more.

    Name the event, choose it from the drop list and optionally add segment-based validation rules, e.g. only customers from the VIP segment will receive loyalty points for leaving a review. 

    Note that for custom event earning rules, you can assign only fixed number of points.

    custom event earning rule

    Earning rules with customer segments

    You can also model the earning rules on the basis of customer segments and award points to customers who entered a given segment. For instance, you can assign 20 points to customers who joined the Gold segment. Note, that in this case, you can also assign only a fixed number of points. 

    Keep in mind that you need to create a customer segment beforehand. Follow this tutorial for additional information

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