USE CASE: Send voucher code to signed up customers


Unbounce [Zapier] integration to send voucher codes to customers coming from Unbounce landing page based on segmentation done in Voucherify.

Voucherify for Unbounce helps you send out voucher codes to customers who made form submission.

Connect Voucherify with Unbounce, and it will automatically sync customers data with Voucherify. Use Unbounce data to create targeted outbound coupon/voucher campaigns.

In this article, you’ll learn how to connect Voucherify with Unbounce, view your customers in Voucherify, and send them discount/voucher codes from Voucherify.

How it works

  • Voucherify <> Unbounce sync data of customers is done through Zapier integration.
  • All synced data will be kept in Voucherify repository and can be used to segment and define codes distribution.

Connect Voucherify with Unbounce account

To connect your Unbounce landing page to Voucherify, follow these steps:


  • Zapier account
  • Unbounce account
  • Voucherify account
  • BETA version of Voucherify <> Zapier app - invitation link

Configure Zapier

From Zapier Dashboard, create a new Zap:

Set Trigger: Click the Create a new Zap button. In the Trigger Service dropdown, choose Unbounce, and choose a trigger using the additional dropdown – New Form Submission.

Configure webhook:
  • Publish your landing page (preview pages won't work!).
  • When editing the page in Unbounce, look in the "Leads & Form Integrations" sidebar for the "Basic Integrations" section, and click on "Webhook: POST to URL".
  • Paste the URL which you will get from Zapier into the "URL for POST" field and click the "Continue" to save your changes.
  • Open the published landing page and submit the form at least once so we have sample values to work with.
Test webhook by sending test data from your landing page.
Set Action: In the Action Service dropdown, choose Voucherify ( invite link) to send your Unbounce data to. In the Action dropdown, choose your desired action and click Continue - Create Customer.

Edit Template for Voucherify action: Select proper data from Unbounce and forward to Voucherify. The most important:
  • Source Id - Unbounce lead ID or email
  • Email - customer email
  • Customer Name

  • Metadata - custom properties which will be useful for defining distributions and corresponding customer segments: ip, variant, page_name. You can use your custom names for properties.

Finalize Your Zap. Back on your new Zap screen

Test: Try out your Zap using the sample/test data shown next to your fields. When you have finished this step, click Continue. As a result of the test, you will see a new customer in Voucherify.
Name Your Zap: Give your Zap a name. You may find it easier to use the same Title/Name given to the corresponding feed.
Make it Live: Click the Make Zap Live button.

When your Unbounce trigger fires, data will be sent to your Voucherify account to be processed. As a next step, you can define campaign of vouchers codes which will be distributed to customers as a response to Customer Enters Segment event. Voucherify will make sure that code is sent to a customer just once.

Send out voucher codes to customers

To start with, you need to:
Create a campaign of codes. In case you don't know the number of codes to be published in the dynamic mode, use the AUTO-UPDATE campaign. Such a campaign will be auto-extended with a new code after an original pool of codes has been used. You must create as many campaigns as products which you are going to sell. Codes from the campaign will correspond to the product.
Open the Distributions view.
Start the creator by pressing the Plus button.

In the creator follow these steps:

Write the email subject.
Select the EMAIL channel and choose provider for sending out emails. In this section, you can define your signature as well. By default, all emails will be sent from You can switch to email provider using your domain.
Choose your audience; the purpose here is to define your receivers by selecting a customer segment. You can create segment directly from distribution wizard view. In case you're not familiar with the segments yet, you can read more here. In case you would like to distribute codes only to customers who pushed specific properties in the form, you can define that by using Metadata property for segment definition:

Now, you should select a campaign from which you want to publish a code (created in step 1). Voucherify will make sure that the same code won't be published ever again.
The last step enables you to customize email message with your own or our template.

You can save the draft and set active the message later. When the template is ready, press set live to confirm. From now on, the distribution starts and emails are sent automatically.

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