Combine free shipping with item discounts

One of the most requested features was the ability to combine multiple discounts in one single voucher. With the introduction of Dynamic Discounts, this effect is possible. The Dynamic Discounts allow you to influence the price of the whole cart or specific items based on different criteria, including:

  • The order amount
  • Currency
  • Number of items in the cart
  • Voucher metadata
  • And many, many more.

In this tutorial, we will create a Fixed Amount discount value applying the discount effect to items. This solution will allow you to define a different price for every item or product collection you choose. We can use this mechanism to give a percent off for some items and 100% off for the shipping.

Upload products to Voucherify.
Launch a standalone discount coupon using a dynamic discount.
Use dynamic discounts to combine free shipping and item discounts as an incentive.
Notify customers about the promotion in your store.


This type of campaign can also work as a promotion. No discount codes are generated for cart promotions, and the discount is applied automatically if the customer matches the predefined criteria. Click here to learn how to create a cart promotion.

This type of campaign can also work as a unique codes campaign. When launching a bulk codes campaign, you need to assign codes to customer profiles via Distribution or Publish API. Click here to learn how to create a unique coupons campaign.

STEP 1: Upload products to Voucherify

To start, upload your products to Voucherify. You can do it in several ways: manually or via API. You can also import your products manually or via API.

You don’t need to import your product catalog to Voucherify to run product-based campaigns. You can include your product ID as metadata in the API calls.

Define the name, source ID, and price of your product. You can also set up product attributes that can be used to build product variations (SKUs). For this use case, we will add Roses as our product; no SKUs are needed. 

Bouquet - Romantic Roses

If the customer applies the discount coupon to their cart, free shipping will be applied along with a 5% discount on items. 

Save the product and move on to create a discount.

STEP 2: Launch a discount coupon

Go to the Campaigns tab, hit plus (+), and choose Discount Coupons as the campaign type.

Cart promotion

First, provide some general details on your coupon:

  • Choose Standalone code
  • Mark the check box next to code redemption as Unlimited
  • Enter your custom code name

Next, define the discount start and end date (If no end date is provided, the discount will run indefinitely). Read more about time-related limits.

STEP 3: Use dynamic discounts to combine free shipping and item discounts as an incentive

In the next step, choose the type and value of the discount. 

Select Fixed amount discount and Apply to items.

Add items and collections that should be discounted. Click Add items two times to generate two fields. One definition will be used to create a price rule for shipping and the definition will be used to create a price rule for items in the cart.

Let's define the free shipping rule. Click on Select, find and select Shipping, Click Select products

Now we need to provide a new price for Shipping to override the original Shipping price.

New Price

Voucherify will override the price of the items to the value you defined in the "New Price" field.

Shipping should be free, so you can put 0 as the new price.

Now let's define the 5% discount for products. In the next definition field, click on  Select, then Select Collection. Next, find and select All Products from the list, click Add and Click Select collections. For the sake of this use case we will give a 5% discount on all items in the cart. You can, of course, choose a different collection for your specific use case.

Now we need to provide a new price for the products. This is where we will use the dynamic discount feature.

New Price

Voucherify will override the price of the items to the value you defined in the New Price field. The dynamic discount can take multiple factors into account to define the value of the discount, including metadata. If the discount is based on non-existent metadata, i.e. some customer data is missing and you base your formula on this data, Voucherify won't be able to calculate the price. This is why it is important to provide a fallback value in case of errors generated from missing data.


Provide a fallback value in the field.

Dynamic Value

Define the dynamic value by clicking on the plus sign next to the New Price field.

Let's enter 10 to set the fallback price. Then let's click on the  Plus sign to open the Dynamic Discount formula builder.

You will see the formula builder. It will be empty at first, and you can start creating the formula by clicking on the plus icon.

A list of formula value operators and operands is displayed. Here you can decide the basis of the formula. For this use case, let'd use the order item's price.

Then let's find the multiplication operator and multiply the price by 0.95. This will give us a 5% discount. Click on the plus sign once more.

Then choose Multiply.

Again click on the plus sign and choose Number.

Enter 0.95 and click Save.

You will notice that now the plus icon has changed to a formula icon and the New Price field title has been updated to Fallback for New Price.

By following the above steps, we have setup free shipping and added a formula to calculate a new price for items, essentially giving us a 5% discount.

Click Next Step. For the purposes of this use case, skip the metadata step. Simply Click Next Step again. Review the flow in the summary step and Save your campaign.

STEP 4: Notify customers about the discount in your store

The only thing left is notifying customers about the discount. You can use built-in Voucherify distribution mechanisms to inform customers about the discount. You can also use web banners and checkout pop-ups to make sure that customers hear about your incentive.

Learn more about Voucherify distribution tools.

If customers apply the discount coupon during checkout, they will receive free shipping along with the item discount. 


Let's see what happens when a customer creates an order and redeems the coupon.

We'll create an order to validate the coupon code we just created. It contains a bouquet of romantic roses and a vase along with a shipping item. We'll send the API request to the Validate Stackable Discounts API endpoint POST /validations.

With the following request body:

Voucherify will return the definition of every price formula used for the line items.

All items meeting the product or product collection criteria are going to receive a discount.

With this approach, you can assign different discounts to every product.

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