Airbnb-style referral program

Create a custom event to use in the referral program as our conversion event.
Launch a double-sided referral program.
Add referral notifications.

Airbnb diagram

Enable tracking of a custom event

Go to Project Settings and Event Schema. Click Add event definition and type in: check_out.

Hit Save to confirm the event creation.

check out event

Adding the event is half of the success as you need to also track this event on your website/app to let Voucherify know when this event occurs. Go here to learn more.

Create a referral campaign

Next, go to the Campaigns tab → Create a New Campaign (plus) → Referral Codes.

In the first step, name your program and establish how many codes you'd like to generate.

Also, here you can play around with the code pattern and state the limit of code redemption (if any).

Referral Program

In the 2nd step, you should set the time frame of your program. Referral codes in the Airbnb program are valid for a year after publishing. Go here to learn more about timeframes.

The third step is crucial as it is here where you can create the workflow of your program.

We want to launch a double-sided referral program in which both a referrer and a referee are rewarded. The referrer is going to receive his/her reward when the referee performs the conversion event [check_out] whereas the referee is going to receive his/her reward at the moment of code redemption.

Airbnb referral program - incentive workflow

In the 4th step, select the rewards for a referee – 20 gift card credits.

You don't have to launch a new gift card campaign as Voucherify has a built-in (predefined) gift card that is assigned automatically to all new customers uploaded to Voucherify.

Airbnb program - referee reward

Also, add a validation rule stating that the referral code is redeemable only once per customer to avoid fraud attempts.

Airbnb validation rules

In the next step, you will be asked to define the reward for the referrer that can have multiple tiers depending on custom conversion events or a number of referees.

First, name your tier and set the rewarding criteria – the occurrence of the conversion event [check_out].

Referrer rewards airbnb

Next, choose a reward – 20 gift card credits.

reward for referrer - reward

Add referral notifications

Last but not least, you can create notifications for customers about any changes happening in the referral program, such as receiving gift card credits because a friend of ours finished his stay.

Airbnb notifications

You've just launched an Airbnb-like referral program.

Now, all that's left is delivering referral codes to your customers. 

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