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Upload Products.


Launch a Cart-level Campaign.

A free product can be a great way to provide additional value to customers. If used strategically, it can also increase the average order size and help you get rid of products that do not sell well on their own.

You can create product bundles in two ways in Voucherify:

  • as a cart-level promotion with validation rules based on the products in the cart. Learn more here.
  • as a unit discount where a free product is added to a predefined order. Learn more here

In this tutorial, we are going to launch a cart-level promotion for predefined products in the cart. 

Upload Products

To learn more details about adding products, visit this guide.

You don’t need to import your product catalog to Voucherify to run product-based campaigns. You can include your Products ID as metadata in the API calls.

Go to the Products tab and hit Plus to add a new product. 

Adding a new Product

Go through four stages of adding a product and hit SAVE. For this particular use case, we don't need to apply any metadata nor create product SKUs.

Perfume Product Details

Next, add the second product following the previous example.

Lipstick Product Details

Launch a Cart-level Campaign

Cart promotions are automatically applied based on shopping cart structure and customer attributes. In this case, perfume and lipstick are going to act as a bundle – if a customer has both in the cart, the automatic -50% discount for lipstick will be applied.

Start by naming your campaign and setting up the promotion timeframe.  Learn more. 

If you don't limit the campaign timeframe, the promotion will be active straight away and it will run indefinitely and will have to be disabled manually.

Cart Promotion

In the next step, create discount levels (at least one is required to proceed). With discount levels, you can create multi-tiered promotions, for instance – give 10% discount for four products in the cart from Swimsuit Category and 20% discount if customers purchase six products from this category. 

Visit this guide to learn more about promotion tiers

Name your promotion and state what kind of message you would like your visitors to see. Next, choose between four available discount types and values – 50% off. 

Note that Voucherify supports the backend infrastructure and safety of your promotions. The final look and placement of your offers have to be decided by your team.

Discount levels 1

Discount level value

Next, define the validation rules that are going to limit the eligibility of your promotion to selected customers segment or orders. 

Go here to learn more about validation rules. 

We want to offer a 50% discount for lipstick if the customer has both perfume and lipstick in the cart. You can model this workflow by using two validation rules – order contains and discount applicable to.

Bundle validation rules

Note that you can add custom error messages to inform customers why the promotion is not applied to their order and to improve your promotional UX. Learn more here.

Now, you can finish creating a promotion by attaching metadata to your campaign and deciding on the tiers hierarchy (not necessary in our case as we only have one promotion level).  Go here to learn more about metadata.

Discount levels ready

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