How to create a multi-level promotion (how to use tiers)

What is a multi-level promotion? It's a cart-level promotion with more than one cart structure that qualifies a customer for an auto-applied discount. 

For example, you want to create a cart-level promotion with 10% discount for new customers (in a segment New Customers) and 15% for regular customers (in a segment Regular Customers) which is applicable if two conditions are met:

  • order includes a t-shirt,
  • new customer spends at least $49 or if it's a regular customer, spends at least $59. 

Instead of making two separate promotions, you can make one promotion with two tiers (levels). Let's go through the setup step by step.

Firstly, open the campaign manager and choose cart-level promotion.

Add a name for a promotion and a time frame (start and expiration date)

In the next step, we need to define promotion rules for each level and the discount. Remember to confirm rules with SAVE when ready.

Rules for the first tier (level):

Discount for the first tier is set below the validation rules and need to be confirmed with SAVE.

The first level for new customers is ready! Now, we can add a new tier (level) and set up a discount for regular customers. Choose ADD NEXT TIER.

Remaining steps looks the same as in the first tier. You need to define a name for a tier, a banner that your customers will see and rules that their order has to meet. In our example, it looks as follows:

The rules for the 2nd tier (segment of regular customers, min. order value $59 and order includes t-shirt).

The discount 15% for the 2nd tier 

That's it! Both levels are ready so you can confirm promotion with SAVE. 

Note that you can also add halting rules separately for each promotion level. For example, you can define the maximum number of new customers who can use the discount independently or the max. number of regular customers who can use it. Validation rules are built for each tier individually so you can model entirely different limits and rules that qualify a customer for a promotion.