Thanks to Zapier, you can easily sync your web applications to facilitate your workflow and automate the transfer of information between different apps. 

You can use the Voucherify app for Zapier to get notified about various events via email or Slack notifications. Voucherify and Zapier integration is based on webhooks

Go here to add the Voucherify app to your Zapier account and start streamlining your promotion workflow right now.

Setting up Zapier Webhooks

You will not be able to create event notification straight away. First, you need to use the Zapier app Webhooks to define the webhook trigger ("Catch Hook" - API options GET, POST, PUT), post webhook URL into Voucherify (which is going to act as an endpoint), and send a test webhook. 

Setting up Zapier Webhook

Customizing webhook

While setting up the Voucherify app, you will be asked to select the Action. You can choose 6 different Actions:

  • Update Customer (updates a customer profile in Voucherify repository by source id).
  • Redeem Voucher Code (redeems a voucher code).
  • Create Customer (it creates a new customer profile in the Voucherify repository. If a customer with the given source id already exists, he/she will be updated).
  • Publish Voucher Code (publishes [assigns] a new voucher code to a customer).
  • Create Order (creates a new order).
  • Update Order (updates existing order).

Choosing an Action Event in Zapier

Next, you will be asked to log into your Voucherify Account. You will be asked to provide your API credentials, which you will find in the    Project Settings

Zapier and Voucherify

After providing your API ID and Secret Key, you will be able to customize the Action. Next, depending on the Action, Zapier will test the integration by, for instance, creating a new redemption or updating the customer's profile. 

Testing the integration in Zapier

If the test were successful, you would see this screen:

Successful test in Zapier

Turn Zap on. Now the integration between Voucherify and Zapier is enabled. 

Webhook notifications with Zapier

You may also set up Webhook Notifications using Zapier

You will find this option in your Project Settings.

From now on, Voucherify will call your endpoint (Zapier Webhook), providing event information in the payload if selected events take place.

Selecting webhook events in Voucherify

Here is a list of Voucherify events that can be sent via a webhook:

  • redemption succeeded
  • redemption failed
  • redemption rollback succeeded
  • redemption rollback failed
  • publication succeeded
  • voucher published
  • voucher updated
  • voucher deleted
  • voucher created
  • voucher enabled
  • voucher disabled
  • campaign enabled
  • campaign disabled
  • campaign deleted
  • campaign updated
  • campaign created
  • business validation rule assignment created
  • business validation rule assignment deleted
  • customer created
  • customer deleted
  • customer rewarded
  • customer rewarded loyalty points

After creating the endpoint, define in Zapier where you would like to receive your notifications and what kind of actions should follow to respond to the given notification. 

Using gmail in zapier

For example, you can integrate Zapier with Slack tor Gmail to receive Voucherify notifications straight to your Slack channels or email inbox.

Here is an example of a Slack message you can receive:

Slack Zapier message

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