Free Shipping Cart Promotion

In this tutorial, we will create a cart promotion available only for specific orders. Customers will get free delivery if their cart includes Red Roses and the minimum order value exceeds 50€.

Red Roses Mock

This type of campaign can also work as a unique codes campaign. When launching a bulk codes campaign, you need to assign codes to customer profiles via Distribution or Publish API. No discount codes are generated for cart promotions, and the discount is applied automatically if the customer matches the predefined criteria.

Upload products to Voucherify.
Launch a cart promotion with one tier based on the order structure.
Use free shipping as an incentive.
Add product-based validation rules.
Notify customers about the promotion in your store.

STEP 1: Upload products to Voucherify

To start, upload your products to Voucherify. You can do it in two ways: manually or via API

You don’t need to import your product catalog to Voucherify to run product-based campaigns. You can include your product ID as metadata in the API calls.

Define the name, source ID, and price of your product. You can also set up product attributes that can be used to build product variations (SKUs). For this use case, we will add Red Roses as our product; no SKUs are needed. 

Follow this link to see how to launch an SKU-specific cart promotion.

Red Roses

If the customer has Red Roses in the cart and makes an order above 50€, free shipping will be automatically applied. 

Save the product and move on to create a cart promotion. 

STEP 2: Launch a cart promotion

Go to the Campaigns tab, hit plus (+), and choose Promotion as the campaign type.

Cart promotion

First, provide some general details on your campaign:

Next, create discount levels. For this particular workflow, we need only one level. Define the level name and banner that is going to be visible in the API calls. Remember that the final look of the promotion lies with you. 

Level name and banner

If you create more than one promotion level, you can define the promotion tier hierarchy – which promotion should be applied if the customer is eligible for multiple promotion levels at once.

STEP 3: Use free shipping as an incentive

In the next step, choose the type and value of the discount. 

Select free shipping and define validation rules that model when the discount should be applied to the order – if the cart includes Red Roses and when the total order amount exceeds 50 EUR. 

Free Shipping discount

STEP 4: Add order-based validation rules 

Voucherify lets you use the basic or advanced validation rules builder. You can also create rules on the spot or select existing ones.

Validation rules

As our rules are not too complex, we can use the basic rules builder. Use the Order rule and define that orders need to:

  • contain Red Roses, 
  • be over 50 EUR,

to be eligible for the promotion. 

Validation Rules

Save your rules. For this use case, skip the promotion hierarchy and metadata step. Review the flow in the summary step and save your campaign. 

STEP 5: Notify customers about the promotion in your store

The only thing left is notifying customers about the promotion. You can use built-in Voucherify distribution mechanisms to inform customers about the promotion. You can also use web banners and checkout pop-ups to make sure that customers hear about your incentive.

Learn more about Voucherify distribution tools.

If customers meet the promotion conditions, they will receive free shipping automatically. 

Automatic free shipping

You can easily model this flow in your store by connecting Voucherify with your platform via API. When both platforms are connected, Voucherify will automatically scan the cart and automatically call the validate promotion endpoint (if the cart matches the promotion criteria). Learn more in our developer docs.
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