Discount dependable on currency

In this guide you will learn how to create discounts that are dependable on currency.

The number of shops offering payment in multiple currencies is increasing each day, making the whole process more customer-friendly. However, when creating a discount campaign with an amount off, you are forced to use one currency.

By using dynamic discounts you can create a discount dependable on currency, offering your customers an equivalent price of the default currency in as many different currencies as you want, keeping up with today’s standards.

For additional information, read our article on managing currency in projects.

Configuration - Metadata

Custom attributes can be added to your project as metadata. Metadata allows you to customise your campaigns. You can use them to track, report, and personalise promotions. In our case, it is going to assign appropriate currency to customers.

In order to use metadata for discounts dependable on currency, it is essential that information about currency is sent to Voucherify. The definition of metadata is handled by your integration team.

In our case, we have already created a currency metadata with its attributes. I set the property name to Currency and added several possible options such as usd, eur, and pln.

We encourage you to familiarise yourself with the process of metadata creation.

Using dynamic discounts

From available discount options we are going to choose an ‘amount type’ discount and in apply discount to, select ‘apply discount to whole cart’. 

In this particular scenario we are going to give $20 off an entire order. While building the formula our customer metadata will come in handy. 

We are going to use a logical operator called switch. In the expression field select our recently created metadata and then add as many cases to match the number of currencies you accept. At the end set the default value matching the default currency value.

As you can see each currency has a different discount value applied - an equivalent of the default currency.

You can use discount dependable on currency mechanism in every discount type, including product specific promotions. Here are some examples where you can also use discount dependable on currency:

  • Promotion ran in different countries (multiple currencies)
  • POS/Online shopping
  • Customers’ favourite hobby
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