How to manage currency in your project?

The currency in Voucherify is set per project. It means that more than one project enables you to run campaigns in different currencies. To choose the currency for a project, go to the Project Settings, and start typing the value. The list of available options will expand automatically. 

Setting up currency in the project enables you to display values in the desired format, however, note that currency does not impact the way our API calculates discounts and amounts (our API is currency-agnostic). 

Please note that each change of the currency in your projects requires you to log out and log in to your account again.

Setting up currency

The same discount in many currencies

If you need the same discount in different currencies, you can do it within a single project and separate campaigns. However, the dashboard displays all discounts and amounts in the same currency, the API counts discounts based on the numerical values, and set currency does not impact the results. 

One campaign and many currencies

Voucherify does not support multi-currency campaigns yet. You can run different currencies within a single project as described in the example above or use separate Voucherify projects and set the different currencies for each of them.

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