Email Personalization

This guide assumes you've already familiarized yourself with the basics of a Distribution Manager.

Sending emails via the Distribution Manager enables you to create personalized messages that go along with your brand design and style.

Voucherify is equipped with a flexible email messages editor with multiple customization options. You can choose between a simple template with limited customization options or a configurable flyer that offers a much wider scope for personalization. 

Here are some customization options available for all pricing plans:

  • A simple text editor (font effects, font size, links, text layout). 
  • Variables (e.g., customer name, coupon code, and more).
  • Images (image size, alt text, link, gif files, alignment).
  • Buttons (CTA size, color, alignment, corners, and link).
  • Dividers (width, color).
  • Social media buttons (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube). 
  • Background (header with your logo, colors, content space, borders, and alignment).
  • Footer (text, colors).

Here is an example of an email message you can create with Voucherify editor:

Email Designer


Each message can include specific variables put automatically into emails to create a feeling of a personal approach:

  • customer name
  • customer email
  • voucher code
  • voucher QR code
  • voucher barcode
  • voucher value
  • customer cockpit
  • reward name
  • reward value

Code formats

The code from a chosen campaign can be included in your message in three formats:

  • text code
  • barcode
  • QR codes
Enterprise clients get even more options for customization, such as custom HTML email templates.
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