How to send many codes in one message?

⚠️ This guide assumes you are familair with the Distribution Manager basics.

Voucherify enables you to send many codes to a single customer in one message. It comes down to two major steps:
Launch an automatic codes' distribution triggered by publishing a code

Publish codes that you'd like to send (assign codes to a particular customer)

After the publication, the customer will get a message with all assigned codes automatically.

Let's explore this workflow step by step🚶:

Set up Voucherify distribution ✉️

By setting up a distribution you can tell Voucherify what codes you'd like to send and what conditions need to be met to push out a message to a customer. 

Open the Distribution Manager and configure each step:


Select Auto Messages.

Automatic distribution


Select a distribution purpose. We want to send codes from a specific campaign. 

Distribution purpose

The 3rd stage is critical in configuring multi-codes messages. The point is to push out a message every time new codes were published. 

Choosing event type for message send out


In the 4th stage, add a subject line.

Title your message


Choose delivery channel/channels by using a Plus.

Distribution channels

Below the channels list, you need to design your message template, add your signature, and configure optional reminders.

Designing email

Confirm distribution with SET LIVE

Now, you can assign (publish) bulk coupons to one customer and trigger their delivery automatically. Let's see how to invoke an automatic message with multiple codes after a distribution is live.

Create publication of codes

To publish more than one code you need to send the following request to Voucherify 

Publication request

When a publication succeeds, Voucherify will automatically trigger a message designed by the distribution manager and deliver published codes.

Message with many codes

That's it!

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