USE CASE: QR codes for travelers


Goal: generate QR codes for travelers. The vouchers give them a possibility to purchase stuff in brick and mortar restaurants, coffee shops and stores.
The rules:
  1. One QR code redeemable 6 times.
  2. QR code can be redeemable in 12 various places, just once per partner (restaurant=place).
  3. Vouchers can be bought in online shop hosted on WordPress WooCommerce.


  • The tourist - holder of the card. The person who will be assigned to the voucher through publication. He/she is an end-customer who will redeem voucher at brick and mortar restaurant. 
  • Staff at location (partner) - brick and mortar restaurants which will have a single separate user account in Voucherify. All accounts will be connected to your organization, and you will be the only one who has access to every code assigned to your partners. 
  • Zapier - SaaS tool for connecting apps and automate workflows. It will be used to connect Wordpress (WooCommerce) and Voucherify.
  • Voucherify Dashboard - web application for managing account, campaigns, distributions and monitoring redemptions.
  1. The online voucher shop is integrated with Voucherify using Zapier and WooCommerce. Thanks to this, vouchers can be sold at wholesale to end customers, and each purchase is noted in the Voucherify dashboard.
  2. Customers can buy unique vouchers with QR codes which apply to 12 particular places and their services. Additionally, each voucher can only be redeemed 6 times, in 6 different places.
  3. When customers visit one of these places, they can pay for discounted services/products by using the voucher displayed on a mobile device.
  4. Staff at the location use the Voucherify mobile app to scan the QR code and validate the voucher. If validation succeeds, Voucherify sends a positive response to staff via the mobile app and the total number of redemptions increases by one. The customer can redeem the code 5 more times, but he/she cannot use the voucher in the same place twice.



Add new team members (partners) to your Voucherify dashboard and create separate accounts for each of them.

Go to Team Settings > Team > Invite team member (Plus icon)

Add new members (partners) and assign them to the Merchant role. Merchants can redeem/validate vouchers and view redemptions invoked with their account. They won't be able to read any other data in the project.

In the next step, define campaigns which will contain vouchers redeemable 6 times. It means that customer will be able to use code in 6 restaurants. You will create as many campaigns as types of offers. You need to add following validation rules:
  • Redeemable just once per Partner (choose rule 'redeeming user' and add all of your partners, user=partner; then add a rule 'redemptions count per user' and choose 1).

  • Redemption limit is 6
  • Only for the customers who are holders of the card (assigns each published code to particular customer)
  • You can set other rules based on requirements (e.g.: expiration date).
  • If you decide to upload partner’s menu, you will be able to define validation rules based on product type (e.g., only for beer, cake, and Caesar salad).
  • 3
    When campaigns are defined, you must create a connection with Wordpress. That will start syncing data to Voucherify and trigger voucher distribution. Link to the tutorial is here. As a result, your end-customers will receive QR code.


    For redeeming QR codes at the location you will use our mobile app

    Afterward, you can review all redemptions and filter them by a customer/partner from Voucherify Dashboard. Moreover, redemptions are visible from the mobile app. They will be visible just for you and assigned roles limit your partner's access just to redemptions invoked by their account.