How to add a redemption limit ‘only once per customer’?

In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to create a code redeemable once per single customer with the Campaign Manager.

Let's create a public `BlackFriday2017` code which can be used only once per single customer. To start with, run the creator with the Plus

In the first step, choose STANDALONE CODE.

Define a discount type and voucher's value. By way of example, let’s create 20% discount voucher

In the 3rd step, write down a code or generate a random one with the button. You can also add coupon category (optional)

You get to the key point. Add a validation rule and limit the number of redemptions per customer to the exactly one. Confirm your choice with SAVE

Remaining steps allow you to customize campaign's timeframe and a total number of coupon redemptions. In case you want the unlimited number of redemptions, mark the box as in the picture below or define it with the particular value. 

The last step enables you to add additional entities as metadata (optional)

SAVE campaign if ready and share the code far and wide, Voucherify will keep an eye on the campaign to avoid any misuses.