Loyalty Programs UX Kit

To help you get started with building customer loyalty, we have built an open-source loyalty program UX kit available for download on Figma. 

Before you start

You need to have a Figma account to use the UI Kit. You can set up a free account by clicking this link.

With this UI Kit, you can leverage best practices for running effective loyalty programs that we have collected in our Loyalty Program UX Guide.

What you will find in the UX kit?

  • Editable library of components.
  • Several loyalty widgets, including loyalty pages.
  • Customer cockpit views with loyalty milestones.
  • Pay-with-points input fields and checkout process.

How to use the kit?

To download and customize the kit, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Figma Community to find Voucherify or follow this link.
  2. Click Duplicate to open the kit in your Figma account.
  3. Jump between pages and export single components or whole screens to use in your project. Remember that all elements are open for customization.
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