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You can create a landing page that serves as a customer touchpoint in your Giveaway campaign. Thanks to the built-in form, your customers can register and join the draw. Read on to learn how to create and connect a landing page to your Giveaway campaign.

In this section:


Design a landing page


Build a Giveaway campaign


Connect the landing page to the campaign


Inform customers about the giveaway

To design a giveaway landing page, activate the giveaways module. 

Activate giveaway module

Design a landing page

Voucherify lets you design unique landing pages that you can use to encourage customers to enroll in your giveaway. You can create a landing page in the Landing Pages tab beforehand or create it while building your Giveaway campaign. 

Let's create it ahead in the Landing Pages tab. 

Create a new landing page

The process of creating a landing page is divided into three steps:

  • Select a goal.
  • Choose a template (can be customized later on).
  • Design the landing page using a built-in editor. 

Start with selecting a goal. At the moment, Voucherify offers one primary goal for a giveaway landing page – a page that allows customers to receive unique numbers used for a giveaway draw.

Landing page goal

Move on to select a template. You can choose between rewards- and form-focused template. Note that you can also design a different version of the landing page for desktop and mobile. 

Note that you can freely customize the final look and feel of the landing page. These templates serve only as hints.

Landing page template

Then, proceed to design your page. To design a landing page, you need to take care of three elements:


Landing page settings:

  • Title and description.
  • Source ID to identify users (email/phone number).
  • Email anti-fraud options (e.g., double opt-in mechanism).
  • Custom code publication (enable/disable).
  • Icon, logo, colors, and font style. 
With custom code publication enabled, you can create multiple customizable URLs (e.g., ?code=XYZ) to your landing page that define what code should be published to the customer.

Different pages:

  • Active campaign (main landing page).
  • Pre-start page (informs customers about the giveaway start date).
  • Campaign ended page (informs customers that the giveaway ended).
  • Successful status page (displays a thank you message to the registered user). 
  • Failed status page (informs the user that he/she couldn't join the campaign, e.g., because of a network error or invalid code).
  • Win page (informs the user that he/she won a reward in an Instant Win giveaway campaign).
  • Try next time page (informs the user that he/she didn't win a reward in an Instant Win giveaway campaign). 
  • Double opt-in page (notifies the user the check the inbox for a registration confirmation email).

Page elements (different for each page type):

  • Logo bar (logo, background color).
  • Banner (background image, text, counter style).
  • Share links (colors, text, social buttons).
  • Rewards container (based on the campaign that the landing page will be attached to). 
  • Registration form (headers, fields, permissions, CTA).
  • Win page (informs the user that he/she won a reward in an Instant Win Giveaway campaign).
  • Promotion rules. 
  • Footer (color, copyright, logo, social media buttons).
Here is an example of a landing page that you can create with Voucherify:

Landing page example

When you are happy with the design, click Save & Exit in the top right corner. Now, let's create a giveaway campaign.

Build a Giveaway campaign

To open the campaign creator, go to the Campaigns tab and hit plus (+). Choose Giveaway as your campaign type. You can also create discount codes or gift cards using this creator. Later on, you can use these discount codes or gift cards as rewards in your giveaway program. 

Create a LuckyDraw campaign 1

Start by providing your program details:

  • Name.
  • Auto-update mode (enabled/disabled).
  • Codes count.
  • Codes pattern.
If you enable the auto-update mode, new codes will automatically be added to the campaign when you run out of the original batch of codes.

Giveaway details

In the next step, decide on the timeframe of your campaign. Follow this tutorial for more information. 

In the third step, add rewards. Voucherify allows you to use multiple rewards, such as products, discount codes, or gift card credits. You can create rewards beforehand in the Rewards tab or build them from scratch in the editor. 

For this campaign, we will offer three rewards: a trip to Bali (product), a 20% discount on all trips, and 500 gift card credits that can be exchanged for a weekend city-break for two. Follow this tutorial to learn more about creating rewards. 

Confirm rewards

When the rewards catalog is ready, go to the next step. 

In the fourth step, you can create tiers for your campaign. Each tier can offer different rewards and be governed by different rules. 

For instance, the first tier is based on a random draw, with the reward being one trip to Bali. 

The first tier

On the other hand, the 20% discount is won based on the Instant Win, and there are 10 such rewards available. 

The second tier

When the tiers are ready, go to the next step. 

Connect the landing page to the campaign

In the fifth step, add a landing page to the campaign to serve as a customer touchpoint. Select the page that you would like to connect to the campaign by a drop-down list or create a new page on the spot. 

In this step, you may also:

  • Set the landing page live (enable/disable). 
  • Set the landing page alias. Go here to learn how to launch a landing page on a custom domain. 
  • See the preview of the page.

Choosing a customer touchpoint

Inform customers about the giveaway

In the sixth step, you can create notifications (optional) triggered by customers registering for the giveaway and winning a reward. You can use multiple channels for giveaway notifications, such as SMS, email, webhooks, or messaging integrations. Visit this guide to learn more about distribution.

Finish the creation of your Giveaway campaign by adding metadata to the campaign (optional) and revising the campaign flow in the eighth step (summary view). 

You can promote the landing page via multiple channels on your website or app. You can also notify customers about the giveaway using Voucherify Distribution. 

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