How to create a milestones (tiered) loyalty program?

In this section:

  1. Enable tiers in your loyalty program
  2. Define tiers
  3. Map earning rules
  4. Map loyalty rewards

Tiers represent (optional) levels of your loyalty campaign. They let you easily create loyalty programs with different levels of membership and varied earning rules and rewards based on customers' tiers.

For example, you may decide that customers from the Premium tier will receive double points for certain activities or specify different rewards for each membership level. This feature is a great tool to gamify your loyalty program and to go beyond the standard point-based scenarios.

Enable tiers

You can add tiers in the 4th step of the loyalty campaign creator.

Please, follow this tutorial for additional information on launching a loyalty program.

Tiers are optional. If you don't use tiers, your loyalty program will have one tier by default with the same earning rules and rewards for all participants.

There are no limitations on the number of tiers you can create. To start, click Add tier and fill in the details.

Enable tier

Define tiers

In this step, you can create an unlimited number of tiers that are going to act as different membership levels with different points criteria. For instance, all customers who have between 50 and 100 loyalty points are going to be assigned to a "Newbie" tier.

Newbie tier

Friendly Reminder 💡

You can add metadata to particular tiers in order to specify the tier eligibility criteria. For instance, only customers who pay with Visa credit card can be assigned to the tier. You should define your metadata in the Metadata Schema in your Project Settings.

If in the Metadata Schema the option "Allow only defined properties" is checked, you will not be able to add additional metadata properties from the Editor view.


Create multiple tiers with different points limits and move on to the next step. From this view, you can easily come back to edit tiers and optionally remove them. 

Multiple tiers

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If you do not want to specify the bottom or upper limits of the tier, leave the field blank. For instance, customers from the "Pro" tier should have at least 300 points, with no upper limit.

Map earning rules

In this step, you will be able to map points assignment for particular actions (earning rules). For instance, customers from the Pro tier will get double points for referring a friend or that Newbie members will get more points than 100 for spending over 100£, etc.

By implementing different point assignment criteria, you gamify your program more and give customers more reasons to achieve higher tiers in your loyalty program. Mapping earning rules is optional – you can use tiers only to differentiate between different loyalty program participants without any additional perks. 

Please visit this article to learn more about earning rules. 

Mapping earning rules

You can add different points assignment for selected earning rules (established in the 2nd step of the loyalty program creation) based on tiers. Note that you can attach custom or multiplied points for selected actions. 

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You can also lower the number of points assigned to particular tiers by multiplying by decimals or providing a lower custom number of points.

Map loyalty rewards

In the last step, you can decide on rewards mapping. What this means is that customers from the selected tier can get a reward for more or fewer points than other tiers. For instance, customers from the VIP tier can get rewards for 50% fewer points.

map rewards

That's it. You have just customized your loyalty program and made your program gamified with custom tiers, earning rules, and rewards assignment.

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