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Now, Google Ads Integration is in the  beta stage. If you're interested in using this functionality, please let us know by contacting our support team.

By connecting Google Ads with Voucherify, you can effectively promote your campaigns and landing pages via Promotions Extensions functionality.

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Connecting Voucherify with Google Ads.


Creating a Promotion Extension.


Upcoming features.

You need to have a Google Ads account to use this integration. Your account will be linked to the Voucherify MCC account.

Connecting Voucherify with Google Ads

To start, visit the Integrations Directory and search for Google Ads integration. 

Google Ads integration

After hitting Connect, you will be asked to provide your Voucherify credentials, select the project you'd like to use for this integration, and fill in your Google Ads ID (can be found in the Google Ads Dashboard).

Connecting Voucherify and Google Ads

Next, you will receive an email confirmation to grant Voucherify MCC access to your Google Ads account. Upon accepting the request, you will be taken to your Google Ads account, and you should see Voucherify in your Account Access (Managers).

Account access

Creating a Promotion Extension

Now that both accounts are connected, you can create Promotion Extension right in the Voucherify Dashboard. The extensions you create in Voucherify will be immediately transferred to your Google Ads account, where you can edit them. 

The added Extension Promotion via Voucherify is prefilled with selected Voucherify’s Campaign Details such as discount type and timeframe. From this place, you can add new extensions, edit already existing ones, and remove them.
The integration is still under development. Right now, you can add Google Ads Extensions for gift cards and discount campaigns. Also, these campaigns need to have a landing page. Go here to learn more about Voucherify landing pages.

You can add Promotion Extension to already created gift and discount campaigns. To start, go to the Campaigns tab and look for either gift or discount campaigns that you would like to promote with Google Ads.

Choosing a campaign

Next, go to the Distributions tab where you will find the Promotion Extensions section. Hit Create new.

Promotion Extensions wizard

A new window will pop up. Here is what you do with Dashboard Extensions Creator:

  • You can preview the ad in a mobile and desktop view.
  • Link the extension to an already created Google Ads campaign.
  • Decide which landing page should the extension direct to. 
  • Choose the currency. The type and value of the discount are taken from the campaign and not editable
  • Fill in Promotion details and a label that will be shown on the ad.
  • The timeframe is taken from the campaign.

Creating promotion extension

When all is ready, hit Save

The Promotion Extension will be saved in both Voucherify and Google Ads.

Upcoming features

We plan for the future to allow users to create Google Ads Campaigns completely within Voucherify to minimize integrations with Google Ads Dashboard so that you can  enjoy all the features of Google Ads without leaving Voucherify. These include setting up a daily campaign budget, bidding amount, choosing your audience, using improved ads creators, adding ad locations, and more. 
Keep your eyes open and visit our Product Roadmap to get some updates on this integration.
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