BOGO Campaign

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With Voucherify flexible promo engine you can launch a variety of campaigns, including BOGO (Buy-One-Get-One-Free) type of deal ðŸ™Œ

In order to design such workflow using the Dashboard you need to:

Add products ðŸŽ€

To learn more details about adding products, visit this guide.

Go to Products tab and hit Plus to add a new product. 

Adding a new product manually

Go through 3 stages of adding a product and hit SAVE. For this particular use case we don't need to apply any metadata nor create product SKUs.

Perfume - 1st product

Next, add the second product following the previous example. 

Lipstick - 2nd product

Launch a campaign ðŸš€

BOGO campaign can be run with the use of both bulk codes campaign and cart-level promotions ðŸ›’

Let's go with the bulk of unique codes campaign.

Go to the Campaigns tab and hit Plus to create a new campaign. 

Campaign type

Next, provide some details on your campaign - name, voucher count, code pattern (optional) and more.

Go here to find some inspiration for naming your campaign.

BOGO campaign details

Then set 100% off discount. 

Discount type

The next step is crucial as it is here where you should establish proper validation rules to launch a BOGO campaign. In our case, customers who have both a perfume and a lipstick in their cart will receive the lipstick for free. 

Let's break this down

A customer's cart has to include both perfume and a lipstick (Contains product validation rule). We don't want to offer a 100% off discount for the whole cart - we want the discount to be applicable only to the lipstick (applicable to validation rule) - this way a customer has to pay for the perfume, but receives the lipstick free of charge. 

BOGO Val Rules

Well done ðŸŽˆYou've just launched a BOGO Campaign!

Go here to see how to launch a BOGO Campaign for different variants of the same product (SKU).

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