Promotion based on membership level [metadata]

Add new metadata attributes to customers membership_level with three possible values: beginner, standard, and  premium.
Create three new customer segments based on three membership levels.
Launch a multi-tier promotion based on cart structure (min. order value $200) and membership levels: $5 off for beginners, $10 off for standard users, and $20 off for premium customers.

If you are new to the concept of metadata in Voucherify, please follow this tutorial for additional information.

Membership promotion diagram

Add metadata

To add metadata to customers, go to Project Settings (1)→ Metadata Schema (2) → Customer (3). Metadata lets you add custom data to Voucherify objects to support custom workflows. 

Adding metadata

First, name your property (or attribute); in our case, it's membership_level. Select text as its type.

If you don't check the optional box, all customers will need to have this property filled out. It means that each new customer will have a mandatory attribute with their membership level.

Next, hit Add Definition to create three different versions of this attribute: beginner, standard, and premium.

Now, we can use it as a criterion to create proper customer segments to target specific parts of our audience with custom promotions.

In order for your customers to possess this attribute in Voucherify, you need to add it manually to customers or import a CSV file with proper fields. 

Create customer segments

Go to the Customers tab and begin the segment creation by naming it.

You can choose between static and auto-update segment. The static segment never updates when new customers meet the segment criteria; whereas the auto-update segment is going to include more and more customers who are eligible to enter the segment.

Creating new customer segment

Next, define segment criteria – membership_level metadata has to be a beginner. Click Add to confirm the criteria selection.

In the 3rd step, you can see how many customers already meet the segment criteria.

Hit Save to confirm the segment creation.

Repeat this step for the two remaining membership levels.

Standard Members

Premium Membership level

Now, let's go to the last stage of this tutorial – creating a multi-tiered promotion based on customer segments and minimum order volume.

Run a cart promotion

Go to the Campaigns tabCreate a campaign (plus) → Promotion.

Begin with naming your campaign and establishing the timeframe of your campaign. If you skip this step, your campaign is going to run non-stop and would have to be terminated manually.

Promotion Creators - name and timeframe

In the 2nd step, you can create multiple tiers and rules that govern your promotion.

First, name the tier and design the banner (message) that customers are going to see if they are eligible for a discount.

Here, you also state the type and value of a discount.

Promotion 1

Next, define promotion rules to create desired discount circumstances. If you do not establish any promotion rules, all customers are going to receive a discount.

We intend to create three different promotion tiers with three different sets of names, banners, and promotion rules.

Here are the rules for the Beginner Members:

  • The customer segment is Beginner Member.
  • The total order amount is more than $199.99.

Beginner Member validation rules

To create the second and third tiers, click Create level.

New tier

In the second tier, the discount is equal to 10$ and it's available only for customers from the Standard segment for orders above 200$.

The third tier offers a 20$ discount for customers from the Premium segment for orders above 200$. 

In the third step, you can add optional metadata to the campaign to improve tracking.

Follow this tutorial for additional information about metadata.

In the last step, you will see the summary view of the promotion that you've just created. At this stage, you can easily come back to previous steps and modify them as later on modification possibilities will be greatly reduced.

You've just created a promotion based on complex membership levels and order volume.

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