Loyalty program for a pub with Voucherify mobile app

Set up a custom event [bought_beer] and add products.
Create a loyalty campaign.
Create a landing page for the loyalty campaign.
Launch card distribution.
Use Voucherify mobile app to redeem loyalty cards.

loyalty pub diagram

This kind of workflow can be used when a customer wants to enter the loyalty program and gather points for buying beer, subscribes on the landing page visible on a tablet at the counter. Then the customer gets on their email a permanent QR code which stands as an ID to a digital loyalty card. A bartender should scan the QR code from the card or type it manually via Voucherify mobile app. In order to validate and then redeem the code, the bartender should choose a custom event on the device.

Enable tracking of a custom event

In order to create a successful loyalty campaign, your first step should be adding a new event definition which will act as a trigger for your loyalty campaign. In this case, you can use e.g. Bought_Beer. You can set up custom events in the Project Settings.

bought beer event

Custom Events are actions taken by your customers. Logging a custom event can trigger coupon distribution, and enables customer segmentation filters around the recency and frequency of that event. Custom Events are directly linked to your customers. Note that custom events are controlled by your system. After they take place, your system sends the trigger to Voucherify, but Voucherify does not check whether the event took place. Go to Developer Docs.

Add a product

If your point of sale isn’t integrated with the Voucherify platform, you have to add a product to your list manually to enable the customer to buy e.g., beer while paying for the order by the gift card.

Add a product

Launch a loyalty program

Start with filling in the program details such as name, code redemption limits, timeframe, and code pattern. Next, choose the trigger for your campaign and estimate how many points the customer gets when buying the product. Note that you can assign a proportional or fixed number of loyalty points for customers making orders. 

The loyalty program will offer one reward – 100$ gift card to the pub exchanged for 1000 points. Keep in mind that you can introduce tiers and custom notifications to fully customize the program. 

gifr card

Design a landing page

In the next stage, create a new landing page that customers will use to sign up for the loyalty program. You can customize your landing page by choosing different designer settings, forms, and elements. 

Voucherify is a GDPR-compliant software – that means that we offer you a possibility to provide your brand details (necessary for distribution) and create your own consents and marketing permissions or customize those that have already been used in the template. All of these options are available in your Project Settings as mentioned here.

When your landing page is ready you have to select your loyalty campaign and release the page.

Distribute codes

Setting up the distribution for the loyalty campaign is a crucial step. Thanks to it, the customer is able to get the email notification with the QR code to the digital loyalty card. We are going to send automatic email messages to customers with unique codes that act as a loyalty card ID. The distribution will be triggered by a successful publication (when the customer gets a QR code for signing up via a landing page created in the previous step).  

publication success

Remember that Voucherify supports other distribution channels, such as SMS, push notifications, live chat, and integration with your favorite communication providers.

The next step is to set up a message to customers with codes to their unique loyalty card. It’s important to add in "Voucher QR code" in the Variables, so the bartender is able to scan the code through the Voucherify mobile app. Another important option is choosing Customer Cockpit to share a link to the Customer Cockpit in which they can monitor the amount of already acquired points.

QR code

Then set your distribution live.

When it’s ready the members of the loyalty program may use the landing page to join the program and obtain their personalized codes on the page.

The email should contain the unique QR and standard codes that function as a digit loyalty card. In addition to codes, there is also a link to an individual Customer Cockpit where information about loyalty programs such as the number of points and available rewards can be found. 

In order to set up the distribution for the gift card campaign, you have to go through the same five-step process as in the distribution for the loyalty campaign.

When the customer gathers 1000 points on their account they can activate the reward – the gift card through the Customer Cockpit and then the notification about their reward is sent automatically on their email.

a) Redeeming QR code – the digital loyalty card 

In order to redeem the code, the bartender scans the QR code from the email via the Voucherify mobile app on their device. 

After scanning the code, the bartender can see the main cockpit of the customer’s account. The trigger for getting points in this loyalty campaign is the custom event – Bought_Beer so the bartender chooses Place customer’s activity and adds the custom event. The code is automatically validated and redeemed by the Voucherify mobile app and the whole process is complete.

b) Redeeming QR code – the gift card

When the customer gathers 1000 points on their account, they can check it in their cockpit and then activate the button Get the prize.

After clicking the button, the overview of the Customer Cockpit updates automatically and shows the code for the gift card. At the same time, the customer obtains the email with the reward - the gift card as the code which may be typed manually, the QR code which may be scanned and again, link to the same Customer Cockpit to follow the status of the points.

Now the customer may use the gift card for paying at the bar. In this case, the bartender must scan the QR code from the email (or type it manually).

When the customer buys some products that are added to the order they may be paid with the reward- the bartender just places an order which is e.g. beer, charges it from the card, and finally redeems the code. Money is charged from the card and only $30 credit left is visible.

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