Discount for Signing up via a Landing Page

In this tutorial, we are going to create a discount campaign for customers who leave their email address via a landing page. You could use this type of discount to grow your email list, encourage more newsletter subscribers, and increase your reach. 

Create a campaign for 10% off for new customers, redeemable once per customer.
Design a landing page.
Connect the landing page with the discount campaign.
Publish the landing page.

Landing page discount diagram


Create a campaign

To create a new campaign, go to the Campaigns tab, hit plus (+), and select Discount coupons as your campaign type.

Bulk codes campaign

Provide some general details on the campaign (such as name, number of vouchers, code pattern).

Sign-up program details

Make sure to check the Auto-Update box to ensure that if you run out of the original pool of codes, new vouchers will be automatically generated.

In the next step, establish the time limitations of your campaign. 

Choose a discount voucher for 10% off. You can also set a maximum discount amount to protect your budget.

discount type

In the next step, establish validation rules. The coupons should be redeemable once per customer to prevent coupon fraud.

Budget validation rules

Save the campaign. Now, Voucherify is going to generate unique codes for your campaign.

If you need any help with establishing the campaign, feel free to reach out to us, or follow this tutorial.


Design a landing page

To run the landing page designer, go to the Landing Pages tab, hit plus (+), and choose 'Sign up for a discount code' as the goal of your page. You can choose between six customizable templates.  

Design landing page

The designer offers plenty of customization possibilities, such as color, logo, layout, elements of the form, etc.

Customisation possibilities in landing pages designer

This is an example of a landing page that you can create with Voucherify.

Exemplary landing page

Remember that you can design several pages at once – Active Campaign page, Pre-start page, Success and Failure Page, etc.

Save the Landing Page and Exit.


Publish the landing page

Now it's time to publish your landing page. Go back to the Landing Pages tab and go to Details.

Landing Page Details

Next, select the Publish option in the top right corner.

Landing Page Publication

In this part, you need to select the campaign that you'd like to connect to the landing page. Also, you may create your desired alias (be careful, as it is not modifiable in the future).

If you'd like to release the landing page from your own custom domain, go here.

Landing Page + Campaign and Alias

After the publication is complete, go to your landing page and fill in the form.

Published Landing Page available online

After filling in the form, you are going to receive a discount code.

Landing Page - Customer receives a code

You've just launched a landing page with a special incentive for customers who leave their email addresses.

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