Welcome Coupon

In this tutorial, we are going to create a welcome campaign for new customers. Enticing newly-registered customers to purchase products at a discounted price is a fantastic strategy for improving your conversion rates. 

Customers who joined your brand in October will be the target audience for a 20% discount. 

Upload your customers’ data into Voucherify via a CSV file.
Map customer attributes.
Create a customer segment for all customers who joined you in October.
Launch a discount campaign for 20% off.
Launch automatic email distribution to the specific customer segment.


Add customers

To upload your customer data into Voucherify, you will need a CSV file or API Integration with your CRM platform. If you only want to test the platform, you can manually upload several of your customers (not recommended for high-volume imports). 

Your CSV file should look like this:

You can include more or less information in your CSV files, such as phone number, postal code, metadata and description.

First, go to the Customers tab and upload your customers’ data via a CSV file by clicking on the import tool in the top right corner. 

Import tool

Import CSV file

After uploading the file, map the fields in your CSV to predefined or custom fields in Voucherify so that the name in your CSV file corresponds with the customer’s name in Voucherify.


Map customer attributes

While importing new customers via a CSV file, it is crucial to ensure data integrity. Otherwise, your customer profiles won't be fully mapped (and uploaded) or mapped in the wrong way. 

The file import manager is divided into three steps:

  • File preview.
  • Map fields.
  • Summary.

Mapping fields

Confirm the field mapping by clicking the plus (+). Confirm the import. 

It may take some time for Voucherify to process the customer data. You should see new customers on the customer list within a few minutes. Remember to refresh the page


Build a customer segment

Now that your customers are in Voucherify, you can create a new customer segment. Voucherify lets you define “New Customers” in several ways – based on the profile creation date, total count of customer orders, or customer metadata.

If you are not interested in uploading your customer data to Voucherify, you can pass customer information as metadata or operate on source ID property, which is an obligatory attribute. Source ID is a parameter that you use in your system to identify customers.

In this guide, the segmentation is based on the created_date property. The segment is for customers who joined the company in October. Set proper time conditions – all customers who joined your brand between September 30th and November 1st will be automatically assigned to this customer segment. 

Name your segment and choose the auto-update segment as your type. If it's already November, you can also create a static segment with a fixed number of customers as no one new will join the October segment. Define conditions and hit Save

Creating a customer segment


Create a discount campaign

It’s time to create discount codes that you can send to the customers who joined you in October. 

Go to the Campaigns tab, hit the plus (+) to create a new discount campaign.

Bulk codes campaign

You can also create campaigns via API. It is recommended if you need to create multiple campaigns at once.

First, provide the general details of the campaign:

  • Type of codes (unique or standalone).
  • Campaign name.
  • Category (optional)
  • Description (optional)
  • Code redemption limit (once, X number of times, unlimited).
  • Code count (how many codes you would like to generate).
  • Code pattern.
If you enable the Customers will be allowed to join the campaign only once option, the same customer will always receive the same coupon code if he/she again meets the promotion conditions after already redeeming the code from a particular campaign.

Program size and other general details

Make sure to check the Auto-Update box to ensure that new vouchers will be automatically generated if you run out of the original pool of codes.

Proceed to define time limits. Voucherify gives you extensive time-based customization possibilities:

  • Start and end date.
  • Valid in specific timeframes only (e.g., every day between 2 pm and 5 pm.).
  • Valid on selected days of the week.
  • Valid only for a limited time after publication (e.g., active for 24h after receiving the code). 

Then, create a percentage discount of 20% off. Here, you can also set the maximum amount of a discount to secure your promo budget. We set up that the discounted amount cannot exceed 500$.

You can use a different type of incentive:

  • Amount discount.
  • Unit discount (e.g., free lipstick).
  • Free shipping. 

Percentage discount

In the next step, set validation rules on the coupon redemption:

  • Redeemable only for customers who joined the company in October.
  • Redeemable once per customer (to prevent coupon fraud).

Audience validation rules

Budget constraints validation rule


Send codes to customers

Now, you're ready to deliver welcome 20% off vouchers to customers. Go to the Distributions tab and start a new distribution with a plus (+).

Choose automatic distribution triggered by new customers entering the segment.

Customer entered segment

To use automatic distribution, you need to update your customer base regularly or sync Voucherify with your CRM so that Voucherify will be automatically notified about new customers and other events. The integration is smooth and easy. 

Later, name the distribution and select the distribution purpose (Sending unique codes from our "Welcome Coupon" Campaign).

Distribution name and purpose

Next, choose your audience. The messages will be triggered by a customer entering the "October" customer segment. 

Welcome coupon

You also need to choose the marketing permissions required for sending emails. Go here to learn more about Voucherify in terms of private data security and GDPR-compliance.

Next, choose the messaging channel you'd like to use. Voucherify supports omnichannel coupon delivery, which means that you can use many channels at once to reach your customers. 

As you are only starting with the platform, choose email. 

Email distribution

Then design your message.

Design mail

  • Use the Preview Option to make sure that the email will look the way you want it to.
  • Use variables to include codes, customer name, and other unique customer attributes in your message to make it feel more personal.
  • Try adding an image or play with colors to make sure that your email stands out.

When you're ready, confirm the distribution. The customers who join the "October" customer segment will be automatically sent a 20% off welcome coupon! 

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