USE CASE: Referral Program for a pub


The Prancing Pony pub (for all LOTR fans out there) is a popular and very stylish place, however, the pub has some problems on weekdays - the sales of their craft beer goes down by 25% in comparison to weekends. For this reason, we’ve prepared a double-sided referral program to increase sales for both regular and new customers.


  1. Promote The Prancing Pony pub among family members and friends of regular customers.
  2. Boost the sales of beers for both existing and new customers - your regular customers will be rewarded and the new customers encouraged to become regular ones.
  3. The specific aim of the referral program is to increase the sales for regular customers by 10% and at the same time bring new customers; at least 100 people who redeem a code.


A referrer signs up for a referral program through a landing page. Then, they receive a QR code to their email address, and share it with their friends. The QR code serves as a medium that connects a new customer with your regular one. Once a code is redeemed by an invited person a regular client’s account earns a $1 reward. The referrer receives $1 for each new customer who redeems the code and is notified by an email with their own unique QR code. The money is transferred on the digital card and then the credits are redeemable at the pub. At the same time, a new customer is given a 10% discount for a beer. What is worth mentioning, the program is double-sided - both the referrer and referee get a reward.


The code redemption will be possible only on weekdays - in this way you can embrace the sales when there are fewer customers, during weekends you are satisfied with the sales. The program will be live for a month - enough time to measure the results.

Security comes first

Since we attach a lot of importance to fair practices and data protection, we would like to give you a quick overview of our practises applied in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

In order to meet the GDPR regulations, we implemented the following procedures:

  • Data Processing Addendum 
  • GDPR-ready contracts with third-party vendors
  • Email consent
  • Employee training
  • Updates to our Terms and Privacy
  • Risk Assessment
  • Data Access, Portability and Deletion

As you will see in the Landing Page section, customers, who register on our Landing Page, will be asked to give their permission for personal data processing.

Moreover, we would like to draw your attention to the distinction between a Data Controller and a Data Processor. The answer will determine the level of responsibility that your organization has over data under EU data protection law.

In this distinction, you are called a ‘Data Controller’ who determines the purposes and means of the processing of personal data of your customers. On the other hand, we are a ‘Data Processor’ who processes personal data on your behalf.

For more information on GDPR and data protection, please visit our website.


There are some elements that need to be done in order to create a referral program. These are the following:

1. Product 

To start, create a product you would like to promote and sell - in your case, it’s a craft beer. To do that, please select Products from the list of the left and then the + icon in the right corner. If needed, please visit our article for more information here.

2. Campaign

Below, we will guide you through the most important elements in a referral program. You can find step-by-step instructions here.

First of all, please create an account on our website (you will be given a 30-day free trial period) or log in to your already created account. 

After choosing the Referral campaign, in the 1st step, you will be able to provide some general details on your campaign (name, number of vouchers, etc.) and customise your code pattern. For instance, you can put “BEER’ at the beginning of each referral code. 

Please note that in the second step you can set your campaign to be valid on specific days only. You will be able to select not only the start and end date but also more specific details like validation on particular days when your sales decrease. Once ready, go to the next step.

In the fourth step, please scroll down a bit and you will see Validation Rules. Here you can set some more precise rules, e.g.,  under Order structure you can choose Contains product and select Craft beer - thanks to that only customers who buy your craft beer will be given a 10% discount for their purchase. Additionally, we've chosen 1 Redemption per customer in order to bring you more customers and not allow more redemption to one customer. Here is how to set it up:

3. Landing Pages

In this section, you create landing pages for both a referrer and a referee. The landing pages are connected to your account so you can access the information about your customers from your Voucherify dashboard. Moreover, a landing page is assigned to a specific campaign. Thanks to that, you can monitor each redemption from your landing pages. Here you will find all the information on how to create a landing page.

The most important element is the Form section (under the Elements tab). Here you are able to customise form fields and get only the necessary information from your clients. Moreover, in Marketing Permissions, you can set the option for your customer to receive your Newsletter. 

Now, please tap on your user name and go to Project Settings. Under the Marketing Permissions, you will be able to create your own opt-in consent that will be visible on the landing page. It is important to remember that in accordance with the GDPR, consent has to be opt-in which means that it should be freely given and that neither pre-checked boxes nor customers’ silence are equal with consent for personal data processing. Here you may fill in all the details of the consent (name, category and description). These details will help you find, categorize and group them effortlessly. After creating your first consent, you will be able to see it in the field below Opt-in Consents form. 

4. Distribution

The next step in your referral program is the set up of a distribution. Here, you are able to create customised messages to be sent to your customers with QR codes or promotions.

Pay attention to the second step as here you choose what type of message you would like to send - "Send unique codes from a campaign" and enter the name of the campaign you would like to connect it to. 

Please note that in the fifth step, you are able to customise the email template that will be sent to your customers.

Mobile app - how to redeem a QR code and get a discount?

In order to redeem a QR code or get a discount, a bartender can use our mobile app to scan the code. 

You can learn more about our mobile app here