How can customers upload photos on my landing page?

Some of your campaigns, especially those based on some form of competition, may require your customers to  upload photos and images. For instance, you may run a giveaway campaign but in order to participate in the program, your customers need to upload some form of purchase confirmation such as a receipt.

Voucherify allows you to create a special field in your landing page designed with images in mind. Here's a step-by-step tutorial on how to create this space and upload a picture.

In the first step, go to your Project Settings - Metadata Schema and create a new type of metadata in  Customer tabs. Check out this article to learn more about metadata and the additional functionality that it provides.  
Adding a new metadata overview

Here you need to add a new property, you can name it "photo" or "image" and select its type to  image URL. Click Add Property Definition and hit SAVE 

Next, go the Landing Pages tab and create a new page or edit the already existing one by clicking on the pencil tool

Create/edit landing page

After choosing the landing page to edit or creating a new one, you will be taken to the Landing Pages Designer. 

Landing Page Designer

Here go to Elements - Form - Fields to add a new field (mandatory or optional). Choose Add New Field and Voucherify will automatically show you a list of metadata to choose from. Add "image" metadata and confirm. 

Now you can see the new field added to the form which allows your customers to upload an image Keep in mind that the "Browse" option is blocked in the Designer view; however, you can rest assured that after publishing the landing page, this field will be active and your customers will be able to upload images. 

Upload images landing page

Your customers may upload photos both from their computer and mobile devices

Choosing image source

Mobile devices allow your users to take a picture on the spot instead of browsing the gallery. 

Try uploading the photo

Uploading image

Uploaded images should  not be bigger than 15 MB

After the upload is finished you are going to receive a notification about either successful or failed upload. 

Successful photo upload status

Failed photo upload status page

Good job! Now you can run campaigns based on images and photographs, such as photo contests or those requiring image confirmation of the purchase. 

Need help? We recreated a similar campaign here.

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