How to notify customers about assigned codes and rewards

With Voucherify distributions, you can schedule an automatic workflow to notify each new participant about their current status in your giveaway campaign. In this tutorial, you'll see how to 

  1. notify about assigned code after successful signup, 
  2. notify winners about gained rewards after a draw is completed.

If you haven't done any distribution yet, please familiarize yourself with Voucherify distribution manager before you proceed to the next step.

Send a message with an assigned code to every new program participant 

Every time a new customer joins your LuckyDraw campaign, Voucherify publishes a new unique code for him/her. Based on this event, you can create an automatic distribution that notifies a contestant about successful registration for a giveaway campaign and also reminds the attached code. 

Let's open Distributions section and open the distribution manager with the plus:

1. In the first step, choose the automatic mode.

2. Now, define the distribution purpose: send unique codes from a LuckyDraw campaign which you need to choose in the same step.

In the 3rd section, you can tell Voucherify who should get these messages. In our case, a condition to send a message is a new publication event (1) coming from a LuckyDraw campaign chosen in the previous step.

It means that every time a new code is published, Voucherify automatically sends a message with a code to the customer for whom the code was published.

In this section, you can also filter out receivers based on their marketing permissions agreements (2). 

4. In the 4th stage, add a message subject.

5. The last section enables you to choose a channel and design a message template.

Once the message is ready, confirm the distribution with SET LIVE. 

From now on, new participants in your campaign will be notified automatically. 

Notify winners about gained rewards

1. To notify draw winners about rewards, we need another automatic distribution. 

2. In the 2nd section of the manager, you can select the following distribution purpose: send out messages for redeemed rewards. It means for the rewards that were approved by you/your team after the draw was completed. 

To redeem (confirm) reward, you need to visit rewards redemptions section in the detailed campaign view. All rewards which wait for your confirmation are marked as PENDING.

3. In the 3rd section, choose a campaign from which you want to notify the winners.

In this section, you can also filter out receivers based on their marketing permissions agreements (2). 

4. Add a message subject in the 4th stage of the manager.

5. In the 5th stage, choose a channel/channels and design a message template. By using variables, you can attach a reward name to each message automatically.

When the template is ready, choose SET LIVE to confirm distribution. 

From now on, every time you confirm a reward (redeem reward) after the draw is completed, the winner gets a message designed in the distribution manager.