Getting Started with Giveaways Campaign

In order to get access to the giveaways functionality, reach out to our support team.

You can launch fully automated giveaways and online contests thanks to Voucherify user-friendly dashboard and flexible API. All you have to do is design your campaign workflow and we will take care of the rest - drawing the winners, assigning rewards to particular customers, and notifying them about prizes.

In this section:

  1. Program details
  2. Rewards catalog
  3. Reward draw tiers
  4. Creating a landing page
  5. Notifications
  6. Adding metadata
  7. Campaign summary

To start your first draw, open a LuckyDraw manager with the plus (+).

Starting with giveaways

Program details

In the first section, provide program details such as:

  • Program name.
  • The number of codes (auto-updated by default).
Campaigns with the auto-update mode enables are going to automatically generate new codes if your tun out of the original codes.

When all the details are ready, proceed to the second section.

In the 2nd step, define optional time limits – add a campaign timeframe, days of the week, or recurring periods when codes are active.

When ready, go to the next step.  

Rewards catalog

In the third section, you need to add a rewards catalog. If you have already created rewards for loyalty program using the Voucherify dashboard or rewards API, you will find them listed in the LuckyDraw creator. You can leverage all the existing rewards in your LuckyDraw programs.

You can also create new rewards in the editor and add them to the list. Click CREATE NEW REWARD and decide what type of reward you want to offer:

  • Promo codes/gift cards – for example $20 gift card or 50% discount code.

To reward winners with promo codes/gift cards, you need to use one of your existing campaigns or create a new one from scratch in the editor.

Adding rewards to luckydraw program

  • Material reward – it can be any of the products that you have added to your Voucherify account (go here to read more).

Adding material rewards to luckydraw campaign

Each reward (campaign or product) needs to be confirmed twice with ADD REWARD (to add it to the rewards catalog).

Confirming the rewards with ADD REWARD button

When the rewards list is complete, you can proceed to the fourth section.

Reward draw tiers

In this step, you need to define draw conditions and decide the way the rewards are drawn. You can add more than one tier and set different selection limits and regulations for each tier. Firstly, click on CREATE NEW TIER and add a tier name.

Now, you have two checkboxes that you can optionally activate.

  1. Unique winners – customers can win only in a single draw. After winning, a customer won't take part in the next draws. 
  2. Unique winners per draw – each draw has a different (unique) winner, customer cannot win twice in a single draw.

Both options are available only in a Draw mode of selecting winners and won't be available with an Instant Win mode. Read on to learn more details. 

Next, define how do you want to draw winners:

  1. Draw – the winner is selected in a draw manually scheduled in your dashboard. 
  2. The instant win – enables you to define automatic winners selection and notify users about the win right after the registration.

To complete tier settings, add rewards. Click ADD NEXT REWARD and provide details:

  1. Choose a reward from the list.
  2. Define the quantity of rewards (how many times your customers can win this reward).
  3. Confirm with Add.

When reward(s) are assigned to the tier, you can confirm and save your tier with Add Tier

You can add another tier with different settings and rewards or proceed to the next step.

Create a landing page

In the fifth stage, you need to create a landing page that enables users to join the draw. It can be one of your existing templates from the list or a new one, created straight from the Voucherify dashboard. 

When the landing page is set, go to the next step.

Follow this tutorial to learn more about designing landing pages in Voucherify.


In the Notifications section, you can (optionally) schedule messages which automatically notify your customers about registration or winning the draw.

  1. Choose a notification purpose:
    1. Send a lucky number after a customer register for the draw.
    2. Notify about winning the reward.
  2. Select the required Marketing Permissions or Disable Consents verification.
  3. Choose a delivery channel and design your message.

If you need help with that, follow this guide.

Add metadata attributes

In the Metadata stage, you can add new custom attributes to the LuckyDraw program or fill the fields added in the metadata schema.

Note that this step is optional. 

Program summary

In the last step of the creator, you can see a program summary with all the details added in previous sections. If needed, you can go back and edit each stage of program settings. When ready, confirm with Save.

Go here to learn how to draw winners.

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