Mobile app as POS - execute your digital promotions offline

With the mobile app at the location, you can validate and redeem promo codes created within your Voucherify account offline. What if your codes have some validation rules attached? No worries, your customers can redeem them offline as well.

The mobile app validates each code before redemption. If you attach validation rules based on 

  • customer segments, 
  • customer data (eg. city),
  • order volume/structure 

to your codes, the mobile app will validate them accordingly to the limits. 

Use Case

Let's say you want to offer a 20% off of the specific product to your customers from Denver, the discount is valid in physical stores. 

Firstly, you need to create a campaign of 20% unique codes in Voucherify dashboard or via API. The codes will have the following validation rules attached:

  • redemption per customer is equal to one
  • customer is in a customer segment "Denver"
  • the order contains a product Mini HD Camera

Campaign of unique 20% off codes

If you need help with creating a unique codes campaign go here. In this guide, we're going straight to the 4th stage of the campaign creator where you put all validation rules. We have 3 rules added to the codes:

Distribution - deliver codes to your customers

Confirm validation rules with SAVE and complete your campaign setup. When it's ready, you can use one of the many supported channels and send codes to your customers using distributions

Offline redemption with mobile app in-store

Now, when your customers have the codes, they can come and visit your store with incentives on their mobile devices. Your staff at a location can use Voucherify mobile app to validate and redeem their codes. 

Firstly, you need to put all required order details to enable Voucherify to validate the code. Here's an example order:

Customer: Anna Field, city Denver, postal code 80014

Customer order: Mini HD Camera and Apple Keyboard

Customer code: miniHDcamera-FTyNx4Zj

Let's put these data into offline redemption request. Firstly, scan QR code:

If a code was already published (sent) to a particular customer, the app will automatically show it after scanning QR code or typing the text code

Now, it's time to add products, choose Place order. 

In the last step, let's add a customer. In this use case, that will be the same customer that got the code on their mailbox. Click on Choose customer and type their name, then the search displays Redeem button 

Confirm redemption with Redeem

Before redeeming Voucherify validates the code. A customer needs to be in Denver segment, cannot use the code more than once and has to have Mini HD Camera in the cart. Our example customer meets all the criteria so redemptions is successful. 

If we take one more customer with a unique code that has the same items in the cart but comes from a different city than Denver, redemption will fail. 

That's it! As you can see, the mobile app supports validations rules in your personalized promotions so you can create and share promotions online and run them in-store. Moreover, with mobile app you're always up-to-date with promotions performace, all your redemptions both successful and failed are listed in a 'Redemptions' section.