What is ‘publication’ and how can I publish codes to my customers?

Publication means assigning a code to the particular customer. Typically, a publication is made by distributing your codes to your customers. From the moment the code was delivered to a customer, it's visible in his/her profile in Voucherify. 

Distribution is not the only way to publish vouchers/gift cards to your customers. Let's list them all:

Each Voucherify code can be published to one customer only. 

Publication is not required to make a redemption. If the code hasn't been published yet, a customer can redeem it and then, publication occurs at the same time that the redemption. 

Of course, whether the code was published before or not, during the redemption Voucherify validates each code accordingly to assigned validation rules and campaign limits. 

If you want to make sure that your codes will be redeemed only by the customers that the codes have been published for, add the validation rule Only for customers who are holders of the card to your campaign. As a result, each code can be redeemed only by a customer who got this code assigned to his/her profile.

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