What are ‘messages’ and ‘distributions’ in Voucherify?

Voucherify has a Distribution Manager which enables you to send messages to your customers straight from the dashboard via many channels.

'Distribution' defines the process of creating and sending a message. It comes down to set up messages details such as receivers, message trigger, and template in the Distribution Manager. 

To start the Manager and set up distribution, open the Distribution section in your dashboard > click on the Plus in the top right corner > fill all the stages of the Manager > confirm with SEND/SET LIVE. Go here for a step-by-step guide.

Distribution Manager in the nutshell:

  • You can use the manager to send emails without any external provider.
  • You can integrate Voucherify with one of the providers listed here, and send messages from the distribution manager to your external databases (MailChimp lists, Intercom segments, Twilio or Sendgrid customers, etc.).
  • Voucherify supports two distribution modes - automatic and manual. In automatic mode, you need to define circumstances that trigger message send out automatically. In manual mode, you only choose the receiver/receivers and right after you confirm the distribution, the message is sent to a customer/customers as a one-time action.
  • You can send simple messages with no code, personalized messages with a single promo code or messages with many promo codes at once.
  • Each distribution set in the distribution manager can send a message via many channels at once.
  • Each subscription plan has a monthly limit on messages but there is no limit on a number of distributions you can create. If you choose to send a message via more than one channel, Voucherify counts each message sent from every channel.

    Follow this guide to learn more and set up your first distribution.